Talented Cross-Genre Singer, The Deathraver, Set to Release New Single Titled “Eternal Lust”

Talented Cross-Genre Singer, The Deathraver, Set to Release New Single Titled "Eternal Lust"

Trap artist, Songwriter, Vocalist, and Producer, TheDeathraver gears up to release another hot single, Eternal Lust, on April 16th. The song which will be released on Spotify and YouTube is a song about love, lust, and need that can be enjoyed by music fans in spite of their music preference. The Deathraver makes sure to convey his message in his new single as clearly as possible. 

Originally from New London, The Deathraver is renowned for his music style which blends metalcore, rap, and brutal bass which he describes as ‘Deathtrap.’ Not only is his style of music very unique, The Deathraver has proven to be an exceptional performer with his crowd control skills. Either on stage or on record, the talented trap musician performs with astounding intensity and energy that music fans really enjoy. 

However, in comparison to The Deathraver’s style of music, his new single, Eternal Lust seems to be a little subtle. This could be tied to the message of love and lust carried in the song. The Deathraver’s ability to sing like two people in this new single is nothing short of remarkable. This skill reveals his musical and vocal prowess and reestablishes him as a ‘one of a kind’ artist. According to him, “I am the Deathraver and I am here to do The Deathravers work.”

His versatility and energy have led to him performing with numerous national acts, across a full spectrum of genres, including but not limited to the Insane Clown Posse and Mushroomhead.

For more information, follow the Deathraver on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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