Survey Reveals Majority of Canadian Prefer Memory Foam Mattresses to Traditional Ones

With a heritage of over 2 decades, High Sun Mattress proudly serves the areas of Vancouver, Surrey and Richmond with high-quality furniture and memory foam mattresses.

High Sun Mattress, an end-to-end provider of cost-effective modern furniture and mattresses, reiterates the findings of a recent survey with the aim of highlighting the benefits of memory foam mattresses.

According to a new study, regardless of province and age, the consensus among Canadians is that a great mattress should be at least a ‘medium’ on firmness scale (73%). Interestingly enough, Canadian men tended to prefer memory foam mattresses to traditional ones, while only 18% of Canadian women stated they sleep on one.

Not only better sleep, but better back health

Making the right choice when it comes to selecting a mattress is crucial. Some of the reasons behind this are obvious, such as to ensure a good night’s sleep which is vital to overall health and wellbeing. Some of them require a deeper dive into the connection between mattresses and back pain. It is a collectively accepted truth that posture is important, however few people think about this during sleep.

Probably the most exciting feature of memory foam mattresses lies in their ability to yield and adjust to different body shapes, rather than forcing the person to adapt. Due to this fantastic science behind them, memory foam mattresses have the potential to better support the spine and lower back throughout sleep, thus reducing the risk of pain. Other advantages that have been reported include:

  • Appropriate body support
  • Pressure point alleviation
  • Correct spinal alignment
  • Improved blood circulation

The popularity of these mattresses has grown exponentially in recent years, exactly due to the advantages they bring to customers.

Hear from an expert

A High Sun Mattress expert recently stated ‘We have been facing with a sleep crisis in Canada. According to research, at least one in three Canadians sleep less than the recommended hours per night, and while the reasons for this are various, the level of comfort and support offered by the mattress on which one sleeps surely plays a huge role. Because we understand not only the importance but the complexity of finding the right mattress, we have been dedicated to listening closely to our clients’ needs and besides offering wide range of gel memory foam mattresses, anyone can reach out to discuss specific preferences with our sleep specialists and work together to create a customized mattress.’

About High Sun Mattress

With a heritage of over 2 decades, High Sun Mattress proudly serves the areas of Vancouver, Surrey and Richmond with high-quality furniture and memory foam mattresses. Their commitment to providing Canadians with solutions for better sleep is underlined by an even greater dedication to customer service and building strong, lasting relationships with their clients. The business has also been granted an A+ rating by the prestigious Better Business Bureau in Canada. Anyone interested in learning more can visit the company’s website or go to one of their many store locations.

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