SURPMAX Electric Mountain Bike Launched on Indiegogo

SURPMAX is the world’s first ultra-high endurance electric mountain bike equipped with fast-charging technology

SURPMAX, the world’s first ultra-high endurance electric foldable mountain bike equipped with fast-charging technology, has been launched on Indiegogo.

Combining ultra-high endurance with the fastest charging e-bike technology available on the market, this e-bike offers a 120 km autonomy and a shortened charging time of only 2 hours. “In short, this allows users to go farther while waiting less for charging cycles,” John Wood, one of the creators of SURPMAX, said.

SURPMAX’s rims are made from a super-light magnesium alloy that is 45% lighter than aluminum alloy yet they have better shock absorption, being much stronger than carbon fiber. That makes this e-bike very durable, as one single rim can withstand 440 lbs/200kg of weight.

As for its motor, SURPMAX is equipped with an especially customized 500W high-speed, high-power brushless motor that also has a magnesium alloy shell. It weighs only 2kg—which is 68% lighter than the traditional motor—and it can achieve a 95% high-energy conversion rate. “To keep things in perspective, compared with a traditional motor, SURPMAX’s motor performance is improved by 42%, and the higher conversion rate ensures a longer riding distance, lower battery consumption, and significantly improved overall efficiency”, Mr. Kellie added.

This is a compact, lightweight and easy to carry and store e-bike that allows users to fold it, put it in the trunk of any car, unfold it, and be ready to go. “This re-defines the concept of mobility since this bike allows users to cruise urban environments as much as any off-road rugged environment, from a beach to a mountain and even a swamp,” Tom observed.

Developed with the comfort of the user in mind, the bike has a neat folding frame that makes it robust and shockproof. Safety is also a concern, which is why SURPMAX has a battery diagnosis function that lets users know how its battery is doing, as well as a remote GPS anti-theft tracking function that lets users know where their bike is at all times. A special emergency first aid kit that’s a complimentary offer also comes with the bike for the crowdfunding backers that support the project.

The SURPMAX campaign on Indiegogo is seeking to raise $5,806 to fund the large-scale production of the device which will be offered early and for a special price to the backers who support the campaign.

About SURPMAX and Binghuo

Binghuo Intelligent High-Tech Co., Ltd., has been working hard since 2018 to developing the world’s first ultra-high endurance electric mountain bike equipped with fast-charging technology. Today, SURPMAX has finally been launched, reflecting the enthusiasm for bikes, and electric bikes in particular, that drives the company. Binghuo Intelligent High-Tech Co., Ltd., has produces a smart refrigerator coffee table, and a smart backpack, but the new generation of electric bikes captures the main drive of the company.

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