London, UK – After finishing two highly successful rounds of sale, SuccessCoin is moving on to its third stage. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to buy SuccessCoin at an attractive price! The ICO will commence in March 2018. 

This unique cryptocurrency facilitates every transaction on the SuccessLife platform. SuccessLife has been created by Success Resources, the largest seminar and education providers in the world. Since 1992 it has been the dream of Chairman Richard Tan to change people’s lives on a global scale, providing individuals the opportunity to gain professional development even on a busy schedule. Success Resources is in over 35 countries and 70 cities worldwide and now they work with the world’s best trainers, speakers and thought leaders. It is a community of likeminded individuals, Sharing, Growing, Contributing, and Developing.


SuccessCoins use a powerful component of the blockchain technology, Smart Contracts which allows secure management of content within the platform while still offering ease of access. SuccessCoin is backed by the Ethereum blockchain and the code will be open-source to ensure complete transparency in our processes. The technology also allows us to ensure your account, identity, and transactions are protected from loss and fraud.

Owners of SuccessCoins are able to access everything offered by both Success Resources and SuccessLife, including using tokens to purchase live event tickets, online subscriptions for the wide array of on-demand personal development content or even opening up new opportunities for career or professional growth.

Benefits of SuccessCoin

Value Integrity

The value of the content, products, and services you access is directly determined by its demand. There is no price manipulation, no inflation, no hidden costs.


Quick and secure payments through an online wallet without costly transaction fees and unfavourable exchange rates.


Content owners can be assured that their content can only be distributed with their authorisation. This same protection extends to the content you create.

How to Buy Tokens

You can purchase the different Success Coin packages offered right now on the website Purchased tokens will be distributed immediately upon confirmation of payment and shall be activated after the token sale end, no later than April 15, 2018.

About SuccessLife 

SuccessLife is a platform that seeks to combine online training & content as well as accessibility to meet the growing demand for Business & Personal Development. Features include a library of audio, video and written content that is engaging and relevant to your needs. SuccessLife provides over 10,000 hours of high quality content from the world’s greatest speakers, trainers, and motivators from around the world. The SuccessLife platform features content from Tony Robbins, Robert Kyosaki, Brian Tracey, Jordan Belford, Robin Sharma and many more of the world’s best all in one platform.

SuccessLife provides youth with the opportunity to learn what they are not taught in school. Worldwide, people are realising the benefits of self-investing & upskilling. Robots & automation coming & important for individuals to multi skill themselves. The platform offers hologram technology and 3D Virtual Reality access is available. This allows you to be able to feel like you are truly at the event or as if the speaker is in your house standing in your living room. This is the only portal & ICO in this industry in the world.

Bonus for Early Birds – Up to 100%

Stage 3: December 30, 2017 to January 30, 2018

Bonus: $0.55 a coin

  • $100:             0%
  • $500          +  10% Additional Coins
  • $1,000       +  15%  Additional Coins
  • $5,000       +  20% Additional Coins
  • $10,000     +  40% Additional Coins
  • $20,000     +  60% Additional Coins
  • $50,000     +  80%  Additional Coins
  • $100,000   +  100% Additional Coins

Media Contact
Company Name: SuccessLife
Contact Person: Faysal Chaudhry
Phone: 020 3141 7790
Country: United Kingdom