Sub-Cool FM Increases Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions for Server Rooms, Chillers, and More

Sub-Cool has become the byword in air conditioning services in areas such as Brighton and the surrounding areas, and it has also been providing even more diverse solutions for air conditioning systems for both residential and commercial clients. Today, it introduces more commercial air conditioning solutions that include server room air conditioning, chillers, cellar air conditioning and cooling, and more.

UNITED KINGDOM – The diversity of air conditioning systems and solutions nowadays is indeed a welcome thing for many commercial and business enterprises, and it’s no surprise that more and more business establishments are opting for air conditioning for their properties and various premises.

Air conditioning systems are indeed a lot more advanced as well, especially with more unique and customised solutions that deliver proper air conditioning for various areas such as cellars, server rooms, and chillers, as well as new builds with energy efficiency in mind.

And today, Sub-Cool FM has announced increased and enhanced air conditioning solutions for its many commercial clients who are looking for only the best and most advanced systems they can find. Sub-Cool FM now has air conditioning systems geared towards spaces like cellars, chillers, and server rooms, and its server room air conditioning service has been particularly useful for businesses that make use of high-level equipment in their operations. Before recommending a server room air conditioning solution for its clients, Sub-Cool FM will first visit and assess the site so they will know exactly what to advise in regard to the required power, the system placement, and the kind of system that is ideal for the space. According to Sub-Cool FM, a split air conditioning system is usually the best solution for such a space, and cassettes and wall-mounted units are often recommended, but with an initial assessment first.

Cellar air conditioning and cooling is yet another premier service now offered by Sub-Cool FM, and as the company knows, cellar cooling systems will often work in a reverse manner compared to systems that are commonly utilised for commercial and domestic air conditioning. As confirmed by the company, an evaporator system for cooling is usually a good choice, along with a fan that can circulate the air within the space.

Sub-Cool FM also takes pride in offering MVHR (mechanical ventilation heat recovery) systems, which have proven ideal for both heating and cooling for structures and buildings that are designed for energy-efficiency.

About the company:

Sub-Cool FM is renowned for its superior air conditioning services and solutions, and these solutions include air conditioning for domestic clients as well as commercial and industrial clients and locations. The company offers services that also include maintenance and repair, and for more info on its commercial air conditioning expertise, check out the company’s site.

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