Studio Khora Launches Contemporary Architecture: The Fusion Of Form And Art

As we navigate our daily lives, we are often unaware that we are moving amidst the works of contemporary artists, their creativity giving shape to the world around us.



Studio KHORA, a top Florida architect stands on the forefront of this tangible creativity, striving to infuse the architectural landscape of contemporary houses with novel, challenging, and inspiring designs that redefine geometry and playfulness. Traditionally, modernist architectural thought dictated that form should follow function.



However, the philosophy evolved with contemporary architects such as I. M. Pei, who proposed that “function should follow form,” arguing for the design of a building’s exterior before its interior layout. Today, Studio KHORA ventures a new perspective: Should architectural form be guided by contemporary art? Could this symbiotic relationship elevate Contemporary Architecture to new heights, fostering a holistic merging of architecture, art, sculpture, and philosophy, and promoting active dialogue with contemporary artists? Embodying the mantra “FORM FOLLOWS ART,” Studio KHORA’s G House showcases this revolutionary approach.

Contemporary architecture today is recognized for its technology-empowered, gravity-defying structures, such as the Sluishuis by BIG & BARCODE ARCHITECTS. These creations elicit a ‘WOW’ factor but continue to run parallel to, rather than intertwine with, contemporary art—a dynamic, evolving expression of our times spanning various forms from painting and photography to sculpture and design. Reflecting on the Modern Art movement (1880-1970), artists such as abstract impressionist Jackson Pollock introduced unconventional methodologies, symbolizing a revolution in artistic expression. Pollock’s technique of applying paint without the brush touching the canvas led to a drastic reevaluation of art norms. Drawing inspiration from such revolutionary paradigms, Studio KHORA envisions a similar transformation in contemporary houses.



Drawing parallels to Jacques Derrida’s concept of deconstruction, this approach pushes beyond traditional architectural conventions, inviting a fresh aesthetic interpretation that blends architecture and contemporary art seamlessly.


Emerging from the roots of Rex Nichols Architects—recognized as a Top Miami Architect by Ocean Home Magazine for six consecutive years—Studio KHORA is focused on creating CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURAL & INTERIOR DESIGN for luxury waterfront homes. Our portfolio extends from Miami to Dubai, encapsulating various global architectural aesthetics. Originally known as Rex Nichols Architects and founded in 1985, our firm garnered global acclaim and 11 American Institute of Architects awards.

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