Star Fate: Leading the front line of the social dividend trend

With the continuous evolution of social media, more and more social platforms are emerging. Users around the world can show their charm and share their joy with strangers everywhere through different social ways. As a social media platform originating in Japan, STAR FATE shows a very different “talent” from other platforms.

Unlike the traditional registration, STAR FATE use twitter login, and binding with their twitter account, twitter fans will directly into STAR FATE platform fans, avoid users more platform fans, can achieve fans utilization rate, of maximum, of course, after using twitter login, users can hide their information, as a decentralized social platform, the user’s privacy will be as a very important option. In addition to users’ own Twitter followers, their fans will also turn into STAR FATE followers, expanding their fan base again, The content released by users, fans and fans will be visible, which is more conducive to the dissemination of information and the increase of fans.

STAR FATE Platform users covers all circles, currency circle from around the world, hackers, technology, private investigators, private counsel, economics experts, international political analysis experts, mysterious blogger, etc., will compete STAR FATE platform, contains diverse information, only you think of, no you can’t find. All people will be able to post exclusive information, including national information, star information, industry content, etc. Fans from all over the world will be able to find the “exclusive secrets” they want, and pay to watch them first and speak freely.

Because the STAR FATE platform of decentralization, all in the whole social ecology, all users will be separated from the real world regulation, release their nature on the platform, of course, the STAR FATE platform also has perfect sensitive content audit regulations, avoid the information too messy, through running smart contract, the whole platform will be fast and stable operation. The decentralized mechanism of the platform will also protect the user groups who publish special and sensitive content, avoid the unstable factors in reality, and serve the virtual and real interests of all the platforms themselves. In STAR FATE platform, economic benefits can be seen everywhere, and users can get profits correctly in any way they like. In reality, group bosses, hotel chefs and food delivery boys will all stand on the same starting line on STAR FATE platform and regain their cognitive benefits through the platform.

The unique advantage of STAR FATE is that it is not only a social platform, but also a universal social platform that integrates NFT gameplay, social experience across time and space, and rich resources. Here, users can not only build real and free social relationships, but also gain profits while socializing, opening up a new era of digital social networking.

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