Sober Living Facilities Shown to Benefit those Seeking Lifelong Sobriety

New Beginnings, a sober living facility in North Toronto, seeks to ease this transition by providing a stable support network for the period of time it takes to reintegrate into regular society.

The transition between rehabilitation centres and the outside world is often a stressful and worrisome time for recovering addicts. The immediate loss of support when they leave the strict treatment plans included in the rehab facility can overwhelm even the most dedicated of people. New Beginnings, a sober living facility in North Toronto, seeks to ease this transition by providing a stable support network for the period of time it takes to reintegrate into regular society.

These sober living facilities house recovering addicts in a group home setting. Sober Living facility has found that a continuation of strict house rules, like the ones found in rehab centres, can help ease a resident back into their regular life, with each resident allowed an increasing amount of personal freedoms as they learn how to maintain control on their own.

Why are sober living facilities so effective?

Rehabilitation centres can do wonders to put a person back on the right track, but after the intense therapy and controlled environment, once they leave the centre to return to their old life, the things that triggered their addiction in the first place are still present. Sober Living facility has come up with a strategy to:

  • Offer an environment where responsibility is encouraged and mandated
  • Offer a support system through the group housing that can prevent the feeling of isolation and helplessness for recovering addicts
  • Promote a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs and alcohol, ensuring a safe zone for all residents
  • Create an atmosphere of independence, but with enough limitations that the freedom is not overwhelming

The challenges of recovery are numerous and can be major road bumps for those involved. Sober Living facility, along with providing a support network of peers going through similar challenges and points of struggle, includes a special aftercare program designed to provide additional treatment that acts to further a patient’s progress. The setting of this aftercare program aids in the gradual transition from the intensive care program that each resident leaves behind in rehab.

Personal activities like going to work or attending school are also promoted in a sober living facility, creating a sense of normalcy among residents. Rather than being thrown back into their usual schedules, where there is an increased chance of facing both temptations and personal triggers, this facility creates a sense of grounding at the end of the day.

The act of being expected to make huge choices on a daily basis after the intense treatment plans of rehabilitation centres is a daunting task for many recovering substance abuse addicts. The work being done at Sober Living facility provides the means necessary to lessen the abruptness of a transition from rehab to the outside world by giving the residents a stable sense of community.

About New Beginnings Sober Living  

New Beginnings is a sober living facility a tranquil residential area in North Toronto, Etobicoke. With many desirable amenities from WiFi access to a pool hockey table to a peaceful courtyard, their private and semi-private suites are available in a secure gated community. Sober Living Toronto aims to create an atmosphere with a surrounding of nature without losing perks of suburban living such as location, lounge and entertainment areas, and a community of other recovering residents, with the mission of helping its residents both recognize the signs of their addictions and recover from its effects, to work towards a fulfilling life.

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