Slipintosoft Silk Company Slips Into No. 1 Spot for Premium Grade Silk Sleepwear in Europe

Slipintosoft Silk Company has become the No. 1 spot as the best premium grade silk sleepwear in parts of Europe. The company, known for its ingenuity and mastery of the silk industry, has become the go-to company for all silk products, especially night wears for women.

This would come as good news for women looking to buy the best night wears and who are actively looking for where to buy them. The company’s dedication to quality, their attention to details, and their commitment to absolute customer satisfaction have seen them go to great lengths to create masterpieces in the market.

Slipintosoft Silk Company was founded in 2013 in the great country of China. The company has developed a mastery of the entire value chain of the silk industry, from the farm to the customer’s home. Their success in the Chinese market prompted them to open up their North America and Europe offices in 2016. The company has now gone on to become No. 1 in the European market and is breaking new grounds in the Northern American market. This is, in no small part, due to the quality and uniqueness of their products, especially their night wears.

In a press conference granted by the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Belle, it was revealed that the company has recorded record sales in parts of Europe and is flying even higher still. The CEO, while addressing the press conference, said, “We came into Europe with one goal; to give women a taste of silk in all its perfection. We have a range of silk products, chief among which is our collection of original silk nightwear designs. The simplicity, elegance, beauty and comfort that our products bring is unmatched. This is one of the things responsible for our success in the European market and also in the rest of the world.”

The CEO, Belle, during the press conference, was also quick to remind people of their business philosophy. She said, “This company is not just about selling silk sleepwear;it is about giving people the great life they deserve. So we don’t just focus on making sales, but the entire value chain of the silk ecosystem. With our roots originally from China, we can say we have developed a mastery of the silk ecosystem that has given us an advantage. Because of this, we can make custom-designed and highly usable silk nightwear.” She also said, “Going forward, we want to reinforce our commitment to ingenuity and to creating the products that bring a smile to the faces of our customers. We encourage our customers to explore our website and find the products that they need. We even have attractive incentives for them.” 

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