SimTech USA To Release Mind Mapper 17, Latest, Updated Version Of The Popular Mind Mapping And Planning Software

IRVINE, CA – SimTech USA is proud to announce the imminent release MindMapper 17, the latest version of the company’s software package. The launch will be closely followed by the unveiling of the software’s  redesigned website, which will reflect the spirit of MindMapper’s newest version.

Following the release of the MindMapper 16 in late 2015, the company evaluated valuable customer feedback, and worked for nearly two years to make the software’s integrated planner exceptionally user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The MindMapper 17 version features a split-screen view of users’ “mind map” and the actual planner, so that they can see their entire map on their left hand side, and their planner on the right hand side.  This way, users can have a view of the “bigger picture”, as their map, daily schedule and planner are located to their right, which is where the human eye instinctively moves to when viewing an image. In addition, MindMapper 17 boasts a much more convenient planner, which allows users to even map out their entire life.

“Self-directedness, character, creativity, communication, and collaboration are skills needed to meet the demands of changing times. They are essential skills in turning one’s ideas into results, by using the principles of project management”, said Mr. Young G. Chung, CEO of SimTech USA.

He went on to expand on the areas which were improved for the newest version of the Mind Mapper software, saying that “To help facilitate the conversion of ideas into results, we have improved 3 main areas. Firstly, we have improved user interface and features so that users can readily organize creative ideas that unfold in their minds in random and multidimensional fashion. Secondly, we have improved collaboration features that will enhance creativity, communication, and sharing for team projects. And, finally, we have improved planner and Google Calendar integration, which are essential in implementing ideas into end results.”

A handy product comparison chart, illustrating the differences between the latest MindMapper versions, can be found on a dedicated page on the company’s website.

The MindMapper software packages that are currently available for purchase can be found here.

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