Seri-Safe Launches Innovative Cloud-Based Inventory App to Safeguard Valuables Against Theft and Disaster

Seri-Safe Launches Innovative Cloud-Based Inventory App to Safeguard Valuables Against Theft and Disaster
Comprehensive solution empowers individuals, businesses, and Law Enforcement to protect assets.

Seri-Safe, a pioneering SaaS-based startup, has unveiled its revolutionary cloud-based inventory application aimed at fortifying individuals, businesses, and law enforcement agencies against the risks associated with stolen property. The app, available across all mobile platforms, offers a comprehensive solution for cataloging valuable possessions, thereby mitigating potential losses due to theft or unforeseen disasters.

Clent Gilbert, owner of Seri-Safe LLC, shared his motivation behind the development of the app, stating, “Four years ago, I embarked on a journey to create a product that would not only aid in the retrieval of valuables in the event of theft but also provide a safeguard in scenarios involving fire, flood, or other disasters. Today, I am proud to introduce Seri-Safe – a cloud-based inventory app designed to empower users to document their possessions with photographs, serial numbers, and detailed descriptions. Seri-Safe: Helping Protect What’s Valuable To You!”

Seri-Safe enables users to create a comprehensive inventory of their valuable possessions by securely storing serial numbers, photographs, receipts, and item descriptions across all computer and mobile platforms. The app also facilitates background checks on items potentially purchased from third parties, whether online or in person, reducing the risk of inadvertently acquiring stolen goods.

Under the adept leadership of Clent Gilbert, Seri-Safe aims to mitigate the risks associated with unintentional involvement in theft, loss of property, or subsequent humiliation. The program offers a range of benefits, including:

Verification for Pawn Shops: Seri-Safe provides pawn shops with access to individual and business databases, enabling them to verify the authenticity of items and mitigate profit loss from stolen property.

Detailed Cataloguing: Individuals and businesses can meticulously document their possessions, including electronics, firearms, power tools, garden equipment, and vehicles, among others, reducing the likelihood of theft and facilitating recovery in the event of loss.

Assistance for Law Enforcement: Law enforcement agencies can utilize Seri-Safe to expedite the recovery of stolen property and receive prompt notifications regarding stolen items.

Security and Confidentiality: Each user database is secure and confidential, with no access granted to other users. Items are only visible to all users if tagged as stolen by the respective account holder.

Seri-Safe represents a significant step forward in asset protection, offering a versatile solution for individuals, businesses, and law enforcement agencies alike. By harnessing the power of cloud technology, Seri-Safe endeavors to safeguard what matters most in an increasingly unpredictable world.

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