Self Help Non Fiction Author Launches Coronavirus Survival Club Website

Self Help Non Fiction Author Launches Coronavirus Survival Club Website

“Love, at our core that is who we are,” says Roe.
Author of The Force Is In You, Coffee Company CEO, and graduate of Harvard Disruptive Strategy, Jason Roe has looked though the lens of disruption to offer an end to fear and worry with the Coronavirus Survival Club. Roe, came up with the C-MED App; 11 meditation cards with no interaction designed to bring people to stillness and reflection on who they are. “The Force is In You” says Roe “Consciousness is fundamental to peace. Meditation is door to the path of peace” The app is well received.

Join the Club, and say Amen to Coronavirus Survival is the message from Jason Roe, author of eBook in 80 countries on Amazon The Force Is In You. Mr Roe’s novel idea of a coronavirus is gaining attention all over the world since its launch last week on the internet. The website has links to the authorities like the Word Health Organization, for those who want to stay up to date. For those who want to find peace there is meditation cards and inspiring notes. Inspired by the fear based stories disseminating around the local communities, Roe says he could not stay on the sideline.

“I had the inner urge to at least try to bring peace to the circumstances happening on the planet,” Roe says, “In these times people who write books like mine have a compulsion to speak out with a message of love, at our core that is who we are.” If we switch the word we can switch the feeling it creates in us, from sad to happy.  People call this a pandemic. So let’s switch that word to happenstance. I look at this world happenstance that is going on as an event causing a great coming together of human spirit. Through that lens I can see love and compassion that is sweeping across the planet. This is something like the planet has never seen before, to see the amazing human spirit of love and compassion all in action brings a sense of great pride to being human.  We are living in an era where we no longer react with war and hatred. Just a few decades ago if there was a hatred we would have found war. In 2020 when hatred of this virus appeared, I can see the planet found a compassion and love. Thanks to the lessons of our past, today as a race we know there’s nothing that comes from anger, so we choose to find compassion and love in events, we are ascending as the human race.

Screen Shot of C-MED App meditation.

The App is Available on The Corona Virus Survival Club website. 

The Coronavirus Survival Club website also has a novel Twitter feed; “Dance the Corona”. The idea for the name was inspired in Roe by Italians who he saw out singing on their balcony choosing not to surrender to the idea of fear, but embrace happiness and joy with song. Roe says, “if Italians are singing than the rest of us should all dance, I registered Dance the Corona to send a message that you can to be like the Italian live-in fear or dance and sing. “Philosophy of the mind creates your reality,” says Roe. Say out loud to yourself the word Love ten times ans see how you feel. Some might like to say out loud the word cake ten times to trigger the feeling of joy. What you focus on you are creating the feeling of inside you. It doesn’t matter what it is, the  key is to invite what you like into your life with the focus and words you speak out loud. 

Physics today subscribes to the belief of a unified theory, and as a science rejects the physical. Mr. Roe’s book goes down that rabbit hole and into the multidimensional paradigm. “You have trillions of cells in your body,” says Roe. “All the cells have their individual magnetic field. Even more fascinating all your DNA has its magnetic field too, and this is profound. The mode of your human bodies aggregation into the planet is magnetic. Roe says “The magnetic field is key to all that exists and holds cells together – The Force Is In You, to be do or have that which you set your heart and focus on”.

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