Selected Best Expands Portfolio to Offer Top Product Reviews in New Categories

Dorset, UK – For online shoppers, customer reviews have become an indispensable tool and aid with which to zoom on to the best brands and products. What was lacking was a place dedicated only to reviewing popular products. Selected Best now offers top quality reviews in new categories to make it easier to choose the right products and make informed and educated choices while shopping online.

Selected Best aims to resolve the dilemma every online shopper faces: is this product really good and does what it promises? Reviews and ratings on Selected Best are meant to save time doing research, and ensure that every penny is well spent. The product review website is focused on Amazon, and chooses only the top products to review, thus shining limelight on the cream of the crop.

“Selected Best has been around for years, providing reviews of the best products and services. In the past we focused on technology and software, but in 2018 we are going to take this one step further and expand our guides and reviews to cover a multitude of niches to help you make decisions when purchasing products,” says Max Thomas of Selected Best.

In 2018, Selected Best is where online shoppers can find out which are the best beach chairs, high quality dog crates, Instagram bots, portable ice makers, and even laser cutting and engraving machines. The review website has been expanded to include products in home and living, industry, software and sports and leisure categories.

The team at Selected Best keeps up to date with latest software applications or trending household items, bringing all critical information at one place. The reviews are kept objective and reflect the website’s opinions, and no money is made directly from product manufacturers, but only through actual purchases made after reading a review. Selected Best runs independently and aims to deliver the most authentic and reliable reviews possible, so that buyers know beforehand that their money will be well spent.

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