Seguros 360 Plans A New Disruptive Approach To Insurance Marketing

Seguros 360 Plans A New Disruptive Approach To Insurance Marketing

Seguro 360 Team
Seguros 360 disrupts the insurance business market with a revolutionary approach of service for Agents and Clients.

Seguros 360, the leading master insurance agency operating in Florida, serving the Latin community all around the world, has announced the use of innovative and proven online tools to deliver a better experience to clients and agents. Their disruptive new approach to insurance marketing is designed to empower individuals, families, and agents in the way they compare and buy International Health Insurances.

“Buying insurance coverage has changed with time, but if you look closely, most companies offer a service using outdated technologies,” says Johnny Blatt, the owner, and head behind Seguros 360. “We are committed to doing things differently by providing our valued agents and customers something that gives them great value for their money. The key difference between us and other insurance companies is that we listen to our clients and we are acting upon their needs”.

At Seguros 360, they do not treat insurance as a commodity nor do they believe in creating hype. They are disrupting the insurance business with a path-breaking approach. With more than 25 years of experience in the market, they know the industry inside-out. They are innovating with proven techniques and apply them online to measure their effectiveness accurately.

Johnny Blatt is using his unrivaled experience in the insurance industry in order to create an International Health Insurance smart plan comparison tool that server the clients as well as agents in order to quote a plan in seconds.

Seguros 360 is going on a massive promotional campaign in Latam by offering quality products and offering online assistance.

Seguros 360 is working in two main areas right now. Offering quick and easy plan comparisons for regular clients and delivering a tool for agents in order to allow them to compare and quoting International Health Insurance plans to their clients in an efficient way.

Seguros 360 is going on a massive promotional campaign in Latin America by offering quality products and offering online assistance with the help of a top digital agency.

Companies must evolve constantly to remain afloat in this new economy. By working with Johnny Blatt, an insurance visionary they can achieve their business objectives. Seguros 360 is already working on the next level of service of their platform in order to constantly improve the satisfying experience of service.

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