Sand and Salt Escapes Reimagines the Corporate Offsite Experience

Sand and Salt Escapes, a wellness-experience company based in Los Angeles, California, announces an innovative new service that will transform the concept of corporate offsites. Following a successful year of hosting wellness retreats for individuals in Nosara, Costa Rica, Sand and Salt Escapes is set to reshape the corporate retreat landscape with their new offering focused entirely on human development.

“You invest in your people’s development as professionals. We’ll help you invest in them as humans,” is the ethos that marks this significant expansion into the corporate space. While most offsites concentrate on professional development, Sand and Salt Escapes stands alone in centering their program on cultivating personal well-being, mindfulness, and self-exploration. This service is a departure from the traditional corporate offsite, delivering an offsite unlike anything your team has ever experienced. 

Sand and Salt Escapes’ wellness offsites offer a diverse range of activities, including sound baths, breathwork, and painting, that will focus on the individual’s growth, and in the process, foster connections among participants. The purpose of these unique offsites is to allow people to relax, and recharge through movement, mindfulness, and conversation. This is a must-have for forward-thinking organizations and people-focused leaders. The service is designed for three primary use cases: executive team offsites, intact team offsites, and high-performer development.

“We are reimagining the corporate offsite by bridging the gap between the professional world and the world of wellness,” said Max Schneider, the Founder of Sand and Salt Escapes. “With our background in the corporate world, we understand the importance of making wellness both pragmatic and personal. Our programs aren’t just relaxing—they’re transformative for the individual and the team.”

The offsites will take place in the stunning settings of Nosara, Costa Rica, and Palm Springs, California, providing a perfect backdrop for these transformative experiences. This expansion to a second location further signifies the company’s commitment to bridging the gap between the professional world and the world of wellness.

With this new service, Sand and Salt Escapes continues its exceptional track record of delivering a unique blend of rejuvenation and self-discovery, moving beyond professional development to a more holistic vision of human potential. Organizations now have a partner who not only understands the holistic needs of their people but also knows how to address them in innovative and impactful ways. Not only will it help people grow as human beings, but the impact on employee engagement and attrition will be powerful.

About Sand and Salt Escapes:

Sand and Salt Escapes is a wellness retreat company specializing in delivering transformative experiences that bridge the gap between the professional world and the world of wellness. Through personalized wellness retreats and offsites, Sand and Salt Escapes makes wellness pragmatic and personal for both individuals and organizations.

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