Russia Born Author, Yury G. Geltser Published a Book on the Fundamentals of Predictable Economy

Moscow, Russia – Dec 3, 2018 – Yury G. Geltser is a renowned entrepreneur, scientist, and author. The author is thrilled to announce the launch of his book titled FUNDAMENTALS OF PREDICTABLE ECONOMY: Economy from the Standpoint of General System Theory. A vast portion of the book is devoted to the question of money, including where it originates from and what its new theory might be.

Readers of this book will learn what the elements of the economic system are and how they function; about the peculiarities of correlations; how the formal and informal structures are formed; where objectives originate from; and that the planning and forecasting are not alternatives to the market but instead are entirely compatible in addition to that.

FUNDAMENTALS OF PREDICTABLE ECONOMY is designed for those who understand the imperfections of the current politics, economy, social life, and who seek solutions to the existing problems. The book is written in simple language and therefore is understandable for both the students and the teachers, and even for those who are not entirely familiar with the basics of Economics.

I have determined 16 functions of modern money in contrast to 5 functions determined by Karl Marx, which are being taught in the same old fashion in the modern textbooks on the economic theory,” said Yury G. Geltser. “For the first time, I have studied such issues as “Sustainability of the economic system” and “Concentration and dispersion of goals,” which the economic theory generally bypasses because it ignores the systematic method of research,” he added.

The book not only improves the economic theory in some particular areas, sheds light on specific processes or laws, or systematizes knowledge, but also fundamentally changes the classic approaches to the field of Economics stemming from A. Smith, D. Ricardo and K. Marx that are presented today in the modern textbooks “Economics.”

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About Yury G. Geltser

Yury G. Geltser was born in 1952 on Sakhalin Island, Russia. He studied at the Kuibyshev Planning Institute, presently known as the Samara State University of Economics. During his professional career, Mr. Geltser has held numerous managing positions in the agricultural, construction, and oil production industries focusing on Economics. He has published two books and over a hundred scientific articles. Being an accomplished poet and composer, Mr. Geltser has produced three music albums. He is married and has two children. He enjoys reading as well as playing piano and sports.

Personal/ favorite quote: The best way to foresee the future is to create it yourself. – Bernard Werber “The Breath of the Gods”

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