Rouom, a home security appliances company, introduces S1 4G Security Camera

Rouom, a Shenzhen-based smart home security appliances company, introduces a smart camera with several unique features for better home security.

Rouom, a global brand specializing in smart home security products, has launched Rouom S1 4G network security camera. S1 4G network security camera is powered by a small solar panel mounted on it, so it doesn’t need any power outlet required for its work. The camera has a built-in 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a total capacity of 16,000 mAh. no wifi is required, 4g network connection, and can be viewed anytime, anywhere

The camera has a lens angle of 100 degrees. It has a 4MM focal length with less distortion and can see further away. Users are also free to control the camera remotely in any direction, rotating 320 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically, it can cover a wide field of view in a more flexible way, i.e., there is no blind spot to speak of in the result. It communicates through a wireless 4G connection. It can be installed anywhere in the house and sends video streams to smartphones via cellular data. The function can be controlled remotely via a SIM card. The video stream is recorded on the complimentary 32GB SD card, SD cards are supported up to 256GB while inserting the sim card, the first time the app is connected, simply by scanning the QR code on the camera to connect

The camera uses PIR infrared sensing technology, things can produce infrared, are able to sense, such as people, animals, cars, etc., that is, as long as the camera field of view appears to move, it will automatically start recording. In addition, it also sends notifications to the application user at the same time. It has the option to use infrared or white light at night for better viewing. The two-way audio feature makes it easier for homeowners to communicate with visitors at the door. the S1 4G network security camera is water, lightning, and cold-resistant. The design is IP66 certified, which speaks volumes about the device’s durability and long life.

The outstanding features of Rouom S1 4G security camera can be summarized as follows:

– Use the app to remotely view and control the rotating camera angle anytime, anywhere, with no blind spots in the field of view

– 16,000mAh battery for long hours of operation Fast communication on 4G cellular network

– Automatic PIR detection and recording function

– Durable waterproof, lightning-proof and cold-proof design

– Support up to 256GB SD card for video recording

– Comes with a complimentary 32GB SD card

For more information, you can visit Rouom’s official website.

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