Rotoy Is All Set To Launch An International Crowdfunding Campaign On Kickstarter This September

The company is gearing up for the release of the second version of its robot toy, having secured $90K during the sale of Rotoy 1.0 last year.

Rotoy, a Danish startup, is excited to announce the launch of the second iteration of its robot toy during its first international Kickstarter campaign in September. Rotoy intertwines the coding experience with immersive storytelling, making each child the main character in their coding journey.

The concept is simple yet powerful. Users receive a physical robot toy and access to the Rotoy website to learn how to code and program their robot independently. Through solving coding challenges and missions, children progress in their coding skills, unlocking new adventures and opportunities. 

With a successful crowdfunding campaign in Denmark last year, Rotoy sold 45 MVP robots and secured $90,000 in soft funding. The startup takes pride in being a team of first-time founders, embracing the learning experience that comes with their entrepreneurial venture.

“After we received great feedback from users in Denmark, it seemed logical to do another crowdfunding campaign to expand our reach internationally. This crowdfunding campaign will help us spread the word and get people familiar with Rotoy. Besides that, more children, especially girls, will be able to play with Rotoy, and that means we are closer to making an impact.” said CEO Vedrana Rogoznica.

Rotoy is on a mission to bring diversity in tech. A company led by two women and one man will hopefully encourage more women and girls to pursue coding careers, which men have traditionally dominated. Rotoy seeks to reframe the tech industry’s story and demonstrate diversity’s potential for innovation by dispelling myths and promoting inclusivity.

Vedrana Rogoznica, CEO of Rotoy, shared her vision: “As a female co-founder of a tech company, I can see the problem from within. I am often the only woman in the room, which can be challenging. With Rotoy, we want to give children, especially girls, the tools to help them grow their tech skills. We want to change the narrative on who are the people behind tech companies and show everyone that with diversity, we can achieve more and beyond.”

Rotoy is excited to broaden its reach abroad and raise awareness about the value of STEM education among kids in response to favorable feedback from users in Denmark. The crowdfunding campaign intends to inspire the next generation of young programmers who will change the future while increasing children’s access to Rotoy.

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