Romain Girbal’s IB2 at the forefront of green industry

At the heart of a rapidly changing era, IB2, under the leadership of Romain Girbal and the expertise of chemist Yves Occello, is establishing itself as a major player in the ecological transition. This bold French company is turning constraints into a springboard for innovation and sustainable growth in the aluminum industry.

In a world where preserving the environment is becoming a matter of urgency, the aluminum industry is facing major challenges. In this context, the French company IB2, co-founded by entrepreneur Romain Girbal, offers revolutionary solutions. Supported by the expertise of renowned chemist Yves Occello, IB2’s innovative approach is redefining the standards for bauxite processing, paving the way for an environmentally friendly and economically viable industry.

Revolutionary process 

Their revolutionary process, which converts low-grade bauxite into high-grade ore, is a real game changer. Not only does it significantly reduce production costs, it also minimizes the environmental impact of extracting and refining aluminum. Romain Girbal emphasizes the importance of this innovation: “By being less energy-intensive and more ecological, our process reduces production costs by at least 40%, while reducing the production of toxic red sludge by 67%.” But IB2’s innovation doesn’t stop with bauxite processing. The company has developed a process to produce a by-product, tobermorite, a calcium silicate with exceptional properties. This material can absorb 350 tons of CO2 per ton produced, representing a major step forward in the fight against global warming. As Romain Girbal points out, “this process contributes to a circular economy, transforming an environmental challenge into a tangible economic opportunity”.

IB2 in full expansion

IB2’s international expansion strategy is evidence of its global ambitions. The strategic partnership with Liulin Senze Coal Aluminum in China is a concrete example of the company’s international vision. “This partnership illustrates how international cooperation can lead to significant advances in the field of industrial ecology,” explains Romain Girbal. Working with China, a major player in the aluminum industry, also demonstrates the country’s commitment to ecological transition, a model that other nations could follow. IB2’s impact goes beyond China, reaching key countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Kazakhstan. This global adoption demonstrates a growing recognition of the need for a more sustainable industry. IB2 is positioning itself as a leader in this transformation, offering environmentally and economically viable solutions.

Green can turn to gold

Drawing on his financial experience in London, Romain Girbal sees a bright future for IB2, as well as for all those who put their creativity into the ecological transition: “It can be a real lever for growth while remaining virtuous. Indeed, Romain Girbal encourages young entrepreneurs to “stay at the forefront of innovation and develop solutions that combine economic viability with ecological impact”. For him, the ecological transition is not only a responsibility, but also a source of business opportunities. IB2 sees itself as a pioneer in reducing the environmental impact of industry. By combining sustainability and profitability, IB2 is proving that industry and ecology can indeed rhyme. The vision of Romain Girbal and his team turns challenges into opportunities, demonstrating that innovation and respect for the environment can go hand in hand, for the benefit of our planet and the global economy.

About iB2:

IB2 is a green industrial tech company that has developed a breakthrough environment-friendly technology for alumina refineries. The technology was developed by a team of 10 professionals cumulating 300 years of experience in the bauxite and alumina industry, especially in the Bayer process and all types of bauxites. 

About Romain Girbal:

Romain Girbal is a co-founder of iB2. After studying French and Spanish business law at the University of Paris X (Nanterre) and international trade at the University of Carlos III (Madrid), he obtained a master’s degree in business law and international management at HEC Paris in 2007.

Romain Girbal is a graduate of Harvard Business School where he studied the OPM program for entrepreneurs.

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