Revolutionary Apparel that is Making Waves: Radiation Blocking Headwear & Underwear from SHIELD

London, UK – An innovative headgear for those worried about excessive radiation is making waves. Starting as one of the success stories on Kickstarter, SHIELD Apparel has seen its popularity rise with stylish and comfortable apparel that offers radiation protection and is as close to the best fit as one can get.

The signal blocking SHIELD products carry a silver fabric inside which screens and protects against electromagnetic radiation. The signal inside the headgear is hundreds of times lower, and offers a maximum shielding effect of nearly 80 db depending on the application. The apparel is also antiseptic, antiodor and antistatic, and attenuates signals emanating from wi-fi and cell phone connections.

Studies have revealed the effect that cellular radiation can have on human bodies, especially their ability to cause cell mutations and genetic changes. As a high-tech fashion brand, SHIELD is unique in its approach to making apparel that has grown every day since launch. The company has recently launched a new signal blocking underwear line, with its flagship product boxers briefs. The designs are high quality, and offer the closest fit.

SHIELD has been founded in London, as a reaction to concern over radiation damage seriously and founders decided to launch the new protective head gear that can be worn every day. The EMF clothing is not only functional but carries every aesthetic quality required from everyday wear. Understandably, the head gear looks pretty and also defends against potentially harmful radiation, two qualities that cannot be found elsewhere.

EMF clothing is a novelty in the apparel industry, and SHIELD has emerged as a pioneering manufacturer that cares not only about the health of consumers, but also ensures they look good while going out. All radiation blocking apparel can now be bought on the company’s website or in few  stores in New York.

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