Remotely manage Raspberry Pi with RemoteIoT platform

When there are hundreds of IoT devices available to the company, it is difficult to ensure that each device is working at maximum capacity without using remote access. It may take several months for the company to realize that some are not running, which unnecessarily leaves the company behind production. RemoteIoT remote management platform enables companies to remotely control the company’s Raspberry Pi devices from the home network or the Internet.

Remotely manage Raspberry Pi

There are many different solutions for remote access to the Raspberry Pi. The most common is to use one of two technologies: SSH and VNC. SSH and VNC involve opening a port on the Raspberry Pi (VNC uses port 5900+N, SSH uses port 22). This may expose the company’s Raspberry Pi. Hackers are actively looking for Raspberry Pi devices with these open ports and default passwords. This is why users must change these passwords when opening VNC. The RemoteIoT service can be configured as a firewall to allow access to these devices from a fixed IP range. It makes the company’s equipment almost immune to any port scanning and prevents DDoS attacks.

Users can also use the Web console to connect to the device directly from their PC browser or mobile device. The Web console is the standard terminal emulator of the X Window System. The service has been encrypted using SSL session cache and leaves a zero-attack surface.

Remotely collect data from raspberry pi

For smart buildings and other use cases that track critical data, knowing when equipment stops running in real time and being able to access them remotely can enable companies to perform predictive maintenance on their machines and equipment, saving thousands of dollars. In addition, since technicians must frequently travel to different work locations, remote access can ensure that IoT projects will never be overlooked. This limits the number of service interruptions that may cause operations to stop, which can shorten production time, increase customer service, and reduce maintenance costs. For example, In the energy industry, RemoteIoT platform allow companies to measure the energy flow from the grid to consumers, ensuring that in the event of a power outage, no matter where the technicians are, they can respond quickly.

Remotely update raspberry pi

Many of today’s products are based on embedded systems running on Raspberry Pi. These devices are connected to the Internet and need to be able to receive and execute software updates as well as be managed and stable. RemoteIoT can install and update security packages from the website as needed, replacing system files and dependencies.

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