Reliable Guardian for Motorcycle Riders – Airwheel C6 Smart motorcycle Helmet

Based on C5, Airwheel C6 scooter helmet is designed with multiple functionalities and it works as a reliable guardian for all motorcycle riders because it makes daily motorcycling safer and more interesting.

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Thought Airwheel C6 intelligent helmet is not the first wearable accessory, it also aims to bring both riding safety and comfort. Unlike C5 helmet camera designed for the public, C6 is made for all the motorcycle riders.

Airwheel C6 can be considered as a guardian for motorcycle riders and can protect them from any dangers in the process of riding. At the same time, Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmet makes daily motorcycling more interesting and relaxing due to its entertainment functionalities.


Motorcycling is somewhat dangerous at large speed so a high-quality helmet is truly necessary. C6 scooter helmet is made of strong plastic ABS, and has passed rigorous testing of extrusion, impact and high temperature to give rider maximum protection. It can fit into varied head sizes, protecting them from possible bumps and knocks.

Moreover, in order to better protect the eyes of motorcycle riders, Airwheel C6 is equipped with windshields so that riders can be prevented from small particulars floating into eyes. Its caution light works when the lighting is insufficient. It will keep flashing to remind the rear vehicle and pedestrian. Airwheel C6 cool motorcycle helmet is a loyal guardian for motorcycle riders and guarantees the safety of motorcycling.


Other than that, Airwheel smart helmets provides powerful entertainment functionalities for riders. Instead of riding motorcycle monotonously on road, riders are able to listen to the music due to the wireless Bluetooth transmission, and riders do not need to wear earphones with them for music listening.

Besides, Airwheel C6 intelligent helmet can help riders take photos or videos during the ridings because it is equipped with an intelligent mini camera with 120° wide angle lens that is able to capture the beautiful scenery on the road. And this is really a very tempting for users. Motorcycle riding could be an enjoyable experience with C6.

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To conclude, Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmet is really a trustworthy guardian for motorcycle riders, which improves riding experiences significantly and provides entertainments for their daily riding.


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