Release Liner market in Composite Industry; Impressive Growth and Opportunities

Release Liner market in Composite Industry; Impressive Growth and Opportunities

“The Composite Release Liner Market Forecast, Stratview Research”
Composites are growing and with them the market for release liners in the composite industry. For the forecast period of 2019-2024, Stratview Research, after keenly analyzing the market pegs the CAGR at 6.8% over the next five years to reach US$ 705 million by 2024.

The market for composite has been rising globally. Many industries have adopted composites to manufacture radically advanced parts. Each day new applications are being discovered, and the industry is touching new heights. Closely intertwined with the popularity of composites is the release liner market; good news for composites is good news for the release liner market as well.

Release liners for Composites are non-stick sheets which are applied over a composite part to prevent it from coming in contact with any other undesirable substance. It is also called backing paper or backing film, which guards the sticky substances until it is to be released. Release liners are removed & disposed of when the tape is used or applied.

A release liner consists of two materials: a backing and a release agent. The backing is the layer which provides mechanical resistance, stability, and surface properties. It can be a paper, a polyolefin film or a PET film.

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Stratview Research after studying the market in its entirety has unraveled the core issues, drivers and estimates the market to grow at an impressive CAGR of 6.8% over the next five years to reach US$ 705 million by 2024.

North America dominated the release liner market in Composite Industry with two-fifths of the share, it has Europe at its heels, and trailing behind is Asia-Pacific. The countries which captured almost three-fourths of the market are the USA, Germany, China, France, and the UK.

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The fabulous growth of the release liner market in Composite Industry is due to the various advantages offered by them. They reduce the volatile emissions released by composite parts. This quality has boosted its growth.

The growth is also on account of a growing fleet of aircraft, rising deliveries, and increasing penetration of composites in aircraft. The rise in the use of composite parts in luxury and electric vehicles is also propelling the growth of composite release liners.

The use of renewable resources is on the rise, the expanding wind energy installations have also given growth avenue to composites and thus release liner in Composite Industry.

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As is the case with any composite application, it is highly dominated by the aerospace and defense industry with over half the share in 2018, in terms of value, followed by wind energy, sports and fitness, and transportation. 

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