Regenerative Leadership Institute Launches Eco-Friendly Course for Gardeners

Regenerative Leadership Institute has recently announced an altogether new online course which is catered mainly towards gardeners and health-conscious consumers. With this course, one can learn how simple changes in the home can help people make a lot of savings on energy and home together.

Beaverton, Oregon – January 25, 2018 – Gardeners have been on the forefront of finding innovative ways to produce non-toxic food, live in eco-friendly ways and be more energy efficient. Regenerative Leadership Institute is thrilled to announce that the institute now offers an online course for gardeners to explore greener options for their entire lifestyle. This is a comprehensive guide to make a house greener and more in harmony with nature.

The comprehensive course presents a self-paced learning experience that’s unique in its approach. The focus isn’t about how fast individuals learn. The emphasis is on what is learned and how well. It incorporates multiple tools that include video animations, quizzes, and an eBook, along with an audio-only recording to accommodate a variety of preferred learning methods. A certificate is received upon completion.

The Regenerative Leadership Institute adheres to the permaculture principles of ‘Care of the Earth’ and ‘Care for People.’ The course is equally appropriate for rooftop gardeners, urban growers, rural horticulturists and anyone that wants to save money and energy with sustainable methods for self-sufficiency.

“We are optimistic that a lot of people will come forward to enroll for our course because the need for suitable living is higher than ever before. It is important for people to understand the need to follow the right trends and to do their bit for the environment they live. If little actions can help them curb their expenses and help the environment too, we are sure people will come forward.” Said Sarah Michelson, the founder of Regenerative Leadership Institute.

The Regenerative Leadership Institute and its course have been featured in multiple media outlets. Individuals gain knowledge about a diverse range of topics ranging from water use and global ecosystems to practical tips they can begin to use immediately for efficiently recycling and maximizing the use of non-toxic cleaners.

Individuals who take the course will have an in-depth understanding of how recycling programs work and how to best use surplus food and resources to benefit others. Students will receive as a bonus the eBooks “Essential Guide to Greener Home” and “Ultimate Permaculture Manual.”

Much of the information about clean living and how to co-exist harmoniously with nature garnered from previous generations has been lost. The Regenerative Leadership Institute is bringing back that knowledge and skills, along with new ways to be environmentally conscious while enjoying modern conveniences without harming the earth, communities or individuals.

The Regenerative Leadership Institute course provides gardeners around the world with eco-friendly methods, strategies and techniques that can easily be incorporated into their everyday lifestyle. Healthy living and a greener way of life is available to anyone with the knowledge conveyed by the Institute.

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The Regenerative Leadership Institute offers a variety of courses on sustainable living and personal growth ranging from homesteading and permaculture to water and soil management. The Institute also has books on topics that include aquaponics, raising chickens, working with wildlife, succession planting, and mindfulness and meditation. It also maintains an online forum where individuals can discuss and learn about related topics in specific areas of the world.

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