Real Estate Purchase, Sale or Lease is Significantly Easier with AtHouse Real Estate Brokerage

Buying or Selling a Townhome, Condo, Home or Finding a Great Rental is solved by AtHouse.

Finding a place to reside that an individual considers “perfect” takes time and effort. It can be stressful, and the process can take much longer than most individuals realize.  That is where AtHouse real estate brokerage comes in. Their broad range of services and valuable advice on real estate purchase laws in Canada make them a great choice for individuals either interested in buying, renting, or selling property.

Real estate brokerage laws in Canada are complex and vary from one region to another.

AtHouse real estate brokerage is well-versed in all the complexities of real estate buying, selling, or renting. As of June 16, 2019, the Canadian Chapter of the Real Estate Global Practice Guide spells out certain specifications that serve as a guide to buying, selling and renting. For all areas, certain knowledge and skill sets are needed by a good real estate brokerage:

  • Zoning and planning and its laws
  • Restrictions on any types of construction
  • Restrictions on any types of investors, especially foreign investors
  • Risk management of any new construction
  • Knowledge of leases and investments
  • Knowledge of taxes and financing options
  • Title transfer knowledge
  • Borrower backgrounds if financing is pursued
  • The differences between purchasing, selling or renting commercial properties as opposed to residential properties
  • A real devotion to providing due diligence to ensure a smooth real estate purchase, rental or sale
  • Warranty awareness if any warranties apply within certain areas or locations
  • Licensing where applicable and some expertise in real estate brokerage

Successful buying, selling, or leasing of any property in Canada does take specialized knowledge.

AtHouse real estate brokerage has the team needed to provide all the specific knowledge and skills required to assist buyers, sellers, or those wishing to lease.  The brokers and agents at AtHouse real estate brokerage can assist with any type of real estate purchase, lease, or sale.  This team, can tackle any type of real estate transaction from pre-construction rentals, to condos and townhouses, and commercial use properties. 

Because the city areas can be pricier than the outlying regions of Canada, housing prices vary.

From one region to the next and one type of real estate investment to the next, Canadian real estate brokerages like AtHouse must continually stay on top of all trends and fluctuations in the markets.  This is in large part due to the strengthening of the Canadian dollar, which has caused real estate to become somewhat more expensive to purchase. Since July of 2017, the strength of the Canadian dollar and also therefore, interest rates, have been creeping up, giving less purchase power to those wishing to purchase real estate in Canada, or to even lease it. Of course, this did lead to a greater price point for sales, but this can make sales take longer to occur.

There is good news on the real estate horizon, however.

Real estate prices are expected to drop by a whopping 28% sometime this year, 2020, according to the Huffington Post. This will make a real difference in the ease of buying and/or renting a property in Canada, and perhaps even positively influence the sales of properties throughout the regions.  But any purchase, sale or rental now should be done by a knowledgeable, experienced, real estate broker such as AtHouse real estate.  At this point in time, having the knowledge necessary for real estate success is a must-have.  Since AtHouse is also included in the Canadian MLS (Multiple Listing Service), the firm has access to property types of all kinds.   

About AtHouse

AtHouse real estate is a real estate brokerage in Ontario that has a team of expert realtors that can assist with any type of real estate purchase, lease or sale.  Their brokers are listed on the Canadian MLS (Multiple Listing Service) so have access to properties in all different locations.  There is a form on their Web site to actively search via region, a mobile phone number, an office phone, and an email.  Clients are advised according to their individual needs, whether buying, selling, or leasing, and this brokerage even has advanced knowledge in Pre-Construction Rentals.  

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