Raw Powder Bulk Food Grade Marine Deep Fish Skin Collagen Peptide


Product Name: Marine fish collagen peptide

AppearanceWhite water-soluble powder

Material Source: Cod skin

Shelf life:2years

Packing:10kg/Aluminum foil bag, or as customer requirement


Certificate: FDA;GMP;ISO;HACCP;FSSC etc

What is peptide?

A peptide is a compound in which two or more amino acids are connected by a peptide chain through condensation. Generally, no more than 50 amino acids are connected. A peptide is a chain-like polymer of amino acids.

Amino acids are the smallest molecules and proteins are the largest molecules. Multiple peptide chains undergo multi-level folding to form a protein molecule.

Peptides are bioactive substances involved in various cellular functions in organisms. Peptides have unique physiological activities and medical health care effects that original proteins and monomeric amino acids do not have, and have triple functions of nutrition, health care, and treatment.

Small molecule peptides are absorbed by the body in their complete form. After being absorbed through the duodenum, the peptides directly enter the blood circulation.


(1) Improve immunity

(2) Anti-free radicals

(3) Alleviate osteoporosis

(4) Good for skin, Whiten skin, and skin rejuvenation

Function Study

After research, scientists found that the collagen in fish skin is surprisingly similar to the collagen in human skin, and its content is higher than that in human skin. Fish skin can also very well promote the adhesion of skin cells and drive the proliferation of fibroblasts and keratinocytes in the dermal layer of the skin.

(1)Increase water content 

(2)Increase skin elasticity 

(3)Increase skin collagen content


Food;Health food;food additives; Functional Food; Cosmetics

Recommended intake

People aged 20-25 years old: 5g/day (Increases the body’s collagen content to make skin, hair, and nails healthy and vibrant)

25-40 years old: 10g/day (Smoothes fine lines and keeps skin young and smooth )

People over 40 years old: 15 g/day, once in a day (Can quickly make the skin plump and moisturized, increased hair growth, reduce wrinkles, and restore youthful vitality.)

Specification Sheet

(Liaoning Taiai Peptide Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd )

Product Name: Fish Collagen Peptide powder

Batch No.: 20230122-1

Manufacturing Date:20230122

Validity: 2Years        

Storage: Keep in a Cool and Dry Place, avoid direct sunlight    

Test Item                     Specification                        Result

molecular weight:                  /                            95%Peptide Content                  ≥90%                            >95%

Appearance    White to light yellow water-soluble powder   White water-soluble powder     

Smell                Odorless to Characteristic                     Odorless   

Taste                Tasteless to Characteristic                     Tasteless  

Moisture                       ≤7%                             5.3%

Ash                            ≤7%                             4.0%

Pb                            ≤0.9mg/KG                        negtive    

Total bacterial count             ≤1000CFU/g                      <10CFU/g      

Mold                          ≤50CFU/g                        

Coliforms                        ≤100CFU/g                       <10CFU/g   

Staphylococcus aureus           ≤100CFU/g                        <10CFU/g  

Salmonella                      negtive                          negtive


Molecular Weight distribution:

Test Results


Peptide molecular weight distribution



Molecular weight range







Peak area percentage

(%, λ220nm)





Number-average Molecular Weight






Weight-average Molecular Weight







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