Rapper and Singer, L.D Announces Campaign on Kickstarter to Fund His Three Month Southeastern Region Music Tour

Singer and certified audio engineer, L.D announces the launch of the campaign on Kickstarter to fund his three month music tour.

L.D, the Tampa, FL-based rapper, singer and audio engineer, currently staying in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced the launching of a fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign will attempt to raise funds for the three month music tour that L. D plans to undertake in the Southeastern Region of the United States and California and Texas.

“I am passionate about music and this music tour is a dream that I have been pursuing long,” says L.D while providing details of his proposed music tour. “I am committed to improving my music consistently and want to be a successful musician in the industry. This music tour is an attempt to take my type of music to a wider audience.”

L.D has an impressive fan following and is a name that’s rising fast among households and residencies in and around Atlanta, GA. He started playing music at an exceptionally early age by taking vocal lessons when he was just five. Throughout his childhood, he continued to pursue various forms of music.

L.D specializes in various types of music but his core genres are hip-hop and pop. He says that his music is largely influenced by big names of the industry such as Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z and Lil Wayne among others. He also draws inspiration from his friends and family and also from upcoming artists who are committed to creating and delivering high quality music.

L.D is a rapper with a unique style of delivery and flow. His amazing melodies make him a one-of-a-kind artist with a creative that’s hard to find. L.D claims that he never writes down anything but draws from everything around him, instead. “I just get vibes in the studio and let my brain be the pen and pad,” the rapper added.

The musician has a large number of followers and has residencies at Orlando’s Independence Fest and Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash Block Party. He has to his credit many videos on MTV. His opening act for headliners like Ace Hood, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, 2 Chainz and TI were extremely popular.

According to L.D, he is very clear about his goals. He is aiming to be an agent of change in the music industry and break the stereotypes while shattering molds. He wants to blaze trails outside the lines to bring about cross-genre collaborations and productions. In fact, the latest EP title called Crossover has featured in the top ten on the Billboard Heatseeks for three weeks on the trot.

The Kickstarter campaign launched by L.D has a financial goal of $45,000. It aims to reach that goal by 24, February 2018 which is the deadline date for the campaign.

About L.D:

L.D is an audio engineer turned singer and rapper with a passion for music. His genres are hip-hop and pop. He has a mission of wanting to be the agent of change for the music industry and wants to create music that goes beyond today’s stereotypes and established lines.

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