RAETTS’ New Air Foil Bearing Turbo Blower Becomes the Hottest New Item On the Market

RAETTS is a company that has long been known for their effectively designed and developed products. Many of their past machines such as their ultrasonic welding system and drying systems have garnered considerable renown from an international base of customers.

Recently, they unveiled their new air foil bearing turbo blower, the “EXPL50-600” series. This unique air bearing centrifugal blower adopts the integrated design concept of air bearing and permanent magnet synchronous motor. The featured motor has a high-speed of over 20,000 RPM, making it highly effective.

With this new design, RAETTS has made significant improvements and innovations. They have abandoned the old gearbox accelerator and coupling and lubrication system of traditional centrifugal blowers. By doing so, they have managed to boost their efficiency by a large margin, making the “EXPL50-600” one of the most efficient blowers in the market presently.

Despite a 100 years in the business, RAETTS air bearing blowers have managed to retain a national level IE4 of energy efficiency. Through this blower, they have managed to set a standard for energy-saving blowers.

Some of the core features of the blower includes a smart touch control panel. This allows users to easily navigate through its various settings such as power, speed, air pressure and more. It also has a control system and permanent magnet inverter which is made using advanced German technology. RAETTS has also designed the blower to be low maintenance and easily manageable. It functions well without needing any form of lubricating oil. With its high-quality special filter, pressure loss is reduced.

RAETTS is pleased with the quality of their new centrifugal blower. Their hope as a company is to continue innovating and improving their machinery in the future.


RAETTS is a China high-tech Centrifugal Blower and Air Knife Drying System manufacturer supplier combine with research and development, production, sales. They devote themselves to give the world the most professional Air Knife Drying and solution systems to meet specific applications needs while maximizing energy efficiencies and lowering operating costs.

Their brand “RAETTS” high-speed centrifugal blower is widely used in semiconductor electronics, food and medicine, beverage, automotive industry, sewage treatment, pneumatic conveying, ultrasonic cleaning and other industries around the world.

RAETTS inherits Germany’s advanced fluid dynamics technology and craftsman’s spirit. And they have helped more than ten thousand enterprises to improve competition.

For more information: https://www.raettsgroup.com/

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