Radio Arabi, the app for best Arabi music is now available for download

Radio Arabi is the newly launched music app. that broadcasts the best Arabic hit music. It is a dedicated app which provides an easy platform for the users to listen to their Favorite Arabic songs. It is a station for the audience of young trendsetters. The channel broadcast songs of the leading Arabic singers who live and breathe by the love of their listeners. Through the easy to use the mobile application, the users will be able to tune in to their favorite station for listening to the best Arabi music. The app launched on Google Play store and iTunes for both Android and iOS users to download and enjoy.

Radio Arabi offers only the best of Arabi music that is focused on their target audience. It broadcasts the most popular and hit Arabic songs in various genres including Arabic Pop, Dabke, 90’s and early 2000’s, Shaabi and Dance music. The channel caters to the needs of all kinds of audience and broadcasts a variety of Arabi music suited to the taste of the diverse audience.

Radio Arabi app features an easy to use interface with multiple options such as Recent Songs, Favorite songs, YouTube videos and more. Using the recent songs option, the users can check out the latest Arabic songs while they can add their favorite songs in the latter category and enjoy it whenever they want to. Under the YouTube videos section, the users can check out the most popular and trendy Arabic song videos from their favorite artists.  The app also enables the user to request for their favorite songs through the ‘request song’ option and in turn, it broadcasts the same after a given period of time.

So far, the app has received good ratings from the users, one of whom says, “Best Arabic songs ever, I love it”. The app is available for free download at Google Play store and iTunes.

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