Qr Code Laser Engraving Machine Advantages

Qr Code Laser Engraving Machine Advantages
Advantages of QR laser engraving machine, Non-contact processing, Wide application, It can be integrated with other tool on the production line to better the automation.

QR codes are largely used in our lives, which can store a big amount of information, also be used as a latest marketing and propaganda tools, actually, the printing of the QR code is also very simple by the laser engraving machine.

Advantages of QR laser engraving machine:

1) Non-contact processing: it can be printed without touching the area of item, so do not cause item damage.

2) Wide application: it can be printed on a big range of materials such as ceramics, plastics, etc.

3) It can be integrated with other tool on the production line to better the automation.

4) The mark is long-lasting, clear and effectively anti-counterfeit.

5) Low operating cost, quick marking speed, the power consumption low, and keeps a lot of cost.

6) Long life and no pollution, no water or gas waste

7) High processing efficiency: the laser beam under PC control can move at high speed (5-7 m/s), and the engraving process can be done in a few seconds.

8) Quick development: mixture of computer and laser technology, users can realize laser printout by programming on a computer, and can replace the print design at any time.

9) High processing accuracy: The laser can mark on the area of the material with an extremely fine beam, and the thinnest line width can reach 0.05mm. laser marking can meet the need to print big amounts of data on very little plastic parts.

10) Low maintenance cost: Laser engraving is non-contact marking. Unlike the stencil marking process, which has a life restriction, the maintenance cost is very low.

11) Environmentally-friendly: laser marking is non-contact marketing, keeping power, rejecting chemical pollution matched to corrosion marking, it can also decrease noise pollution matched with mechanical marking.

Examples of laser engraving with bar codes and serial numbers

In contrast to the design of parts in artistic industries, serial numbers and codes generally have to be applied to the items in accordance with customer specification or legal needs in industry (e.g., the supply and automotive industry, medical technology, electronics industry, etc).

The marketing of the parts thus does not improve the profit. This means that the marking must be as cost-efficient as easy. Here, laser engraving also provide unbeatable benefits, since no set up costs or elaborate and costly predatory work are needed. No matter whether 1 or 1000 parts, the cost per laser engraving is forever at the same low level.

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