Pulsed Light Treatment of Vascular Lesions Leaves Canadians Feeling and Looking Great

New technologies in the corrections of cosmetic deformities erupt constantly now.  Some technologies can be somewhat painful and require downtime such as Microdermabrasion.  This is something many clients do not want and therefore avoid having treatments for minor vascular lesions.  SharpLight is a global provider of med-aesthetic devices that are sweeping the global community with their new approach to the removal of vascular lesions.

Leading the world in med-aesthetic technology developments, the innovative devices produced provide non-invasive laser and light-based systems for a wide range of treatments.  These machines are then dispersed upon request to the Canadian medical and aesthetic communities.  While some training is needed, the training and performance of each device is explained in full to all staff by SharpLight.  The techniques are easy to learn and easy to incorporate.

Founded in 2004, the head development center is located, in the GTA, so the advantages of the SharpLight technologies are easily accessible in many locations throughout the GTA.  SharpLight technologies newest pulsed-light approach to removal of vascular lesions is one of the most popular procedures amongst medical and aesthetic professionals.

 While the term “vascular lesions” sounds serious, these really are not and are ultimately treatable quite easily.  Simply put, vascular lesions can encompass a wide variety of skin imperfections such as acne scars, birthmarks, spider veins, and even simple mottled pigmentation which can occur at any age but generally as individuals get older.

An interview with one of the specialists at SharpLight listed such a variety of cosmetic abnormalities that were easily removed completely in a mere three to six treatments.  As the specialist stated, “Our array of laser-pulsed technology machines can remove birthmarks, both port wine and the usual brown colored birthmarks, spider veins, as well as telangientasia, erythema, rosacea, broken capillaries, dyschromia, solar lentigo, mottled pigmentation, melasma, and poikilormera.  There is no downtime, and the procedures are ideal usually for all skin types and all ages.” 

This simplistic approach with no downtime using pulsed light is significantly better than other types of laser treatments and other invasive treatments, as the pulsed light allows a technician to control the temperature during treatment thereby allowing a steady flow without running the risk of any redness or soreness afterwards. 

Affected areas of lesions are more easily targeted, and the pigmentation is broken into tiny particles.  These do rise to the surface and can appear as scabs, but then are naturally shed just as any scab is within one to two weeks.  Rosacea, where creams and medications fail many times is an especially good choice for sufferers of this recurring malady.  While not harmful, it is embarrassing.

SharpLight’s newest line of technological approaches to effectively remove vascular lesions should be considered by all medical and aesthetic clinics as the results are enormously popular among clients.  As one satisfied client stated, “I felt hopeful and refreshed immediately after treatment.”

About SharpLight

SharpLight is a global provider since 2004 of med-aesthetic devices for use by medical professionals and aestheticians.  Its newest line of pulsed-light technology is gaining ground amongst the world population for safe, comfortable, and reliable removal of vascular lesions.  The main headquarters is in the GTA, which makes it easy for Canadians to access these services in a location close to them.  There are many styles and varieties of machines

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