PtahDAO is the world’s first DAO trust platform. LMR Partners helps users add value to their wealth

After the pandemic hit the world in 2020, we can see a significant increase in the uncertainty of the world’s economic development. Governments and businesses around the world are exploring the use of emerging technologies to reduce economic and social operating costs, improve the efficiency of the real economy, and further seek new growth points for economic development. The most important job of the financial sector is to handle all kinds of asset issuance and exchange. The core characteristics of blockchain technology are “decentralization” and “detrust”. Compared with traditional finance, blockchain has some natural advantages. In terms of credit system and trust mechanism, traditional finance must rely on strict transaction records to accumulate credit, so as to realize financing or loan, while blockchain can use technical means to ensure the security of transactions between the two sides.


LMR Partners has made a layout early and created a unique DAO concept.

Founded in 2009, LMR Partners (LMR Partners Co., LTD.) is a multi-strategy investment management company. With the rapid development of blockchain technology, LMR Partners has seen a new direction for future development and a new impetus for transformation and upgrading of enterprises!

From the beginning of 2021, the board of directors of LMR Partners issued documents, instructing to seize the opportunity of technological rise, fully integrate into the Web3.0 era, actively explore the application of new blockchain technology and the transformation of financial new ecology, and actively make a layout in the field of blockchain and meta-universe, especially pool resources to the research and development of Web3.0 technology. In March 2021, LMR Partners set up a Web3.0 technology laboratory. Once the lab was established, LMR Partners has targeted the security, fairness and transparency of blockchain DAOs, using DAOs as a new organizational form in the financial field.

After a year of hard work, PathDAO has been fostered.

Since the company decided to transform in 2021, it has not only founded LMR Partners-Web3.0 technology lab, but also obtained an external financing of $8 million!

In March 2022, the lab started the application experiment of the core concept of DAO, constructed a financial asset allocation scheme with DAO as the governance model, and the world’s first DAO governance asset trust plan –PtahDAO was officially launched.

In August of the same year, PtahDAO platform was introduced into the Asia-Pacific market and officially entered the public view. As a decentralized trust and investment trading platform incubated by LMR Partners-Web3.0 Technology laboratory, PtahDAO is a breakthrough combination of blockchain technology and financial investment. It deeply implements the governance logic and rules of DAO, realizes the concept of inclusive financial services and financial innovation.

In the first year of 2022DAO, PathDAO makes all efforts.

In September 2022, PtahDAO platform quickly established an online community in China and officially entered the Chinese market. Traditional financial and investment companies are gradually facing the three-dimensional layout of blockchain + financial diversified ecology. We are fully carrying out the operation of PtahDAO platform in three regional markets: Europe and the United States – the United States and the United Kingdom markets as the leading markets, Asia Pacific – China and South Korea markets as the leading markets, Southeast Asia – Singapore market as the leading market.


At the same time, LMR Partners will focus on the development of laboratories, constantly improve the organizational structure of PtahDAO, absorb senior talents in the blockchain industry globally, and provide salary and development space far beyond the average level of the industry, which is an advantage that ordinary companies do not have.

As the core strategy of LMR Partners transformation, the laboratory focuses on the most cutting-edge technology research and blockchain development, system integration, software development, smart contract development and so on, and constantly accumulates experience in independent research and development, and blockchain technology; fully master the underlying technology innovation ability of blockchain, and realize the comprehensive integration with traditional finance, digital ecology, AI, big data and the Internet of things and other industries.

The business map of LMR Partners is gradually unfolding, and it will also bring wealth appreciation to all members of PtahDAO platform. LMR Partners will become a trusted global partner in the field of Internet sector of financial industry, and a leader in digital finance and business investment in the future Web3.0 era!

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