PSCM Energy Pte. Ltd. (201843061C) Signs First 15-Year Contracts with Private Liberian Companies to Supply $100 Million of Electricity

PSCM Energy Pte. Ltd., a clean energy company based in Singapore, is proud to announce it has signed contracts with two private companies in Monrovia, Liberia, for the design, construction and operation of a hydrogen fuel cell electricity generators at their commercial sites, with expansion to additional sites to follow. PSCM Energy Pte. Ltd. was represented by Managing Director, Karl Seitz and Ms. Xin Zhang, Director of International Business Development and locally by Mr. Antoine Sovoh, President, Mr. Othello Garblah, Public Relations Manager, and Mr. Sackie Johnson, Operations Manager of Tonimex Inc., who provide country specific marketing and operational expertise to PSCM Energy. PSCM will begin providing electricity before the end of 2019 to fulfill these 15-year contracts. 

PSCM Energy Pte. Ltd. has a Memorandum of Understanding to construct electricity generation capacity, which was signed with the Liberian Government in 2018. PSCM Energy intends to sign additional agreements for to supply a minimum of 25 megawatts (mW) of electricity in the near future and to begin construction shortly afterwards.

The hydrogen fuel cell electricity generation capability to be installed under the contract’s provisions will produce clean, affordable and reliable electricity at the company location, which is currently not connected to Liberia’s electrical grid. The projects’ intended outcome is to replace expensive diesel generators with clean, environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel cell generators.

“Micro power electricity generation stations fueled by clean hydrogen energy are a viable and promising solution to the issue of powering areas with otherwise minimal access to electricity,” said Mr. Karl Seitz, Managing Director, PSCM Energy Pte. Ltd.

“We would like to thank the Government of Liberia and the National Investment Commission for their hospitality during our visit. We intend to demonstrate that our expertise in clean hydrogen fuel cell electricity generation will provide affordable, reliable, clean electricity to an initial set of Monrovian companies which can serve as the beginning of larger, similar projects across Liberia and other African nations,” said Ms. Xin Zhang, Director of International Business Development, PSCM Energy Pte. Ltd.

The need for affordable electricity in Liberia is great. From USAID, “Liberia’s civil war, which ended in 2003, destroyed much of the country’s power sector. At approximately 12%, Liberia has one of the lowest electricity access rates in the world. In the capital city of Monrovia, less than 20% of the population has access to electricity.” PSCM Energy Pte. Ltd. has now begun to address this critical need.

PSCM Energy Pte. Ltd. intends to begin the construction of the electricity generation facility in the second quarter of 2019, and will initially invest approximately $40 million US Dollars in the project.

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PSCM Energy PTE. LTD. is headquartered in Singapore, and provides oil desulphurization technology, IMO-2020 compliant MGO ship fuel production, clean electricity generation, hydrogen fuel cell technologies and other energy related capabilities.

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