Profile picture NFT collection is set to be launched by Schemes of Ink

Schemes of Ink will launch an NFT profile picture collection for the users.

Schemes of Ink will be launching a profile picture NFT collection. It is an NFT where the users own the cards that they collect.

There are several secrets in ancient books. The dried parchment and the wrinkled cards all bear testimony to the hidden secrets. Most of these secrets are trapped in the ink. The legacy of the heroes and the other legends are written in the ink. It is like a history that has been trapped in time. However, a single stroke of magic can restore it.

Schemes of Ink will be creating an animated web series with the character for this NFT project.

Every character in Schemes of Ink has unique characters and storylines. Here are some of them: 

– Astrologer – From a young age, Elian Astrom wanted to discover the secrets of the stars. He realized that the academic society’s boundaries were limiting his studies, so he sought the guidance of the Dragon Conqueror and became part dragon himself.

– Technomancer – One cinder Sprite was dubbed Siege Baron. The sorcerer-engineer Lothigga’s ingenuity resulted in the creation of a highly advanced mechanical armor suit that contained the Sprite.

– Assassin – Egon Graf was a thief from a young age. Following the unintentional murder of a town guard, Egon ended up working for an evil forest spirit, hunting people to feed the spirit’s insatiable hunger.

– Holy Knight – Minerva, who was born and raised by her blacksmith mother, disliked smithing. Her extensive studies eventually led her to become the Boundless Spire’s Senior Protector.

– Bounty Hunter – Vorrok The Maul is a ruthless bounty hunter, a convicted felon, and an arena fighter.

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About Schemes of Ink:

A profile picture NFT collection will be launched by Schemes of Ink. Schemes of Ink will be creating an animated web series with the character for this NFT project.

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