Procolored Launches the “Lowest Cost DTF Printing Challenge” with a Grand Prize of $3,000

Procolored Launches the "Lowest Cost DTF Printing Challenge" with a Grand Prize of $3,000

Procolored, a leading innovator in digital textile printing technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its “Lowest Cost DTF Printing Challenge.” This unique competition is designed to showcase the cost-efficiency and superior quality of DTF (Direct to Film) printing, inviting designers, print shops, and enthusiasts from around the globe. The challenge underscores Procolored’s commitment to revolutionizing printing technology, offering participants the chance to win a gift card worth up to $3,000.

Challenge Overview

Entrants are tasked with arranging a given pattern on an A3 size canvas as many times as possible. This challenge is designed to maximize the use of space efficiently, demonstrating Procolored’s DTF printing technology’s ability to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. The winner will receive a gift card valued at up to $3,000, usable for any Procolored product or service.

Highlighting the DTF PRO Machine: Procolored siphon circulation

Central to this event is the DTF PRO machine, epitomizing the “Power of Siphon” – an advanced siphon circulation system exclusive to Procolored. This system significantly cuts printing costs while enhancing performance. Key benefits of the DTF PRO machine include:

• Longer Print head Life by 70%

The Power of Siphon facilitates continuous ink circulation, preventing sedimentation and pigment separation. This ensures consistent ink composition and quality from the first print to the last, regardless of the print job’s size or complexity.

• Higher Ink Efficiency by 85%

The siphon technology not only optimizes ink usage but also reduces waste, contributing to a more sustainable printing process. By ensuring that ink is used more efficiently, the DTF PRO machine supports eco-friendly business practices, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable solutions in the printing industry.

• Reduced Tubing Aging by 90%

The durability and efficiency enhancements provided by the Power of Siphon technology lead to substantial long-term savings. These savings come from reduced ink waste, lower maintenance costs, and the extended lifespan of printing components, especially the print head.


The Technological Superiority of Procolored’s DTF PRO A3 Printer

The DTF PRO A3 Printer, pivotal to the contest, exemplifies Procolored’s technological advancement with features such as:

• Dual-Head Printing Mechanism: Elevates output speed while maintaining impeccable quality.

• Enhanced Color Saturation: Delivers rich, vibrant colors with exceptional saturation levels.

• Eco-Friendly and Economical: Reduces ink wastage, endorsing sustainable printing practices.

• Intuitive Interface and Software: Streamlines the printing process for users of all expertise levels.

• Sturdy Construction: Engineered to endure the demands of high-volume printing tasks.

Participation and Submission

The “Lowest Cost DTF Printing Challenge” welcomes participants of all abilities. Those interested are urged to visit Procolored’s official website for comprehensive contest rules, submission instructions, and to discover more about the DTF PRO A3 printer.  This challenge is not merely a test of creativity and efficiency;  it’s also a chance to experience firsthand the advantages of Procolored’s cutting-edge DTF printing technology.

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