Preorders Now Open: Tuggitt\’s Innovative Dog Harness Available on Kickstarter

“The innovative design incorporates features and materials that are not only practical and stylish but also keep your dog’s safety a top priority. This truly separates Tuggitt from any other dog harness on the market.”
Be the first to get your Tuggitt Dog Harness, available on Kickstarter now!

MARGATE, FL – June 6, 2017 – Tuggitt announces preorder availability of its Tuggitt pet harness during a limited pre-launch celebration. The all-in-one dog harness features a unique retractable leash, padded chest support, a seat-belt locking ring for safe car travel, a water-resistant pocket to carry doggie bags, and a reflective logo for increased nighttime visibility during walks or other activities. The harness is available for preorder starting now on Kickstarter here until June 30, 2017.

Designed to provide dogs and owners with a singular alternative to other pet accessories, Tuggitt is a durable pet harness that lets dogs feel safe, secure, comfortable and connected to their owners, while enjoying outdoor adventures, daily walks, training sessions, service work or other activities.

“We’re beyond excited to begin taking orders for Tuggitt today,” says inventor Alexzany Rodriguez. “The outpouring of messages asking when our innovative pet harness will be available has been incredible.” has chosen Tuggitt as one of the “Best New Kickstarters For June 2, 2017” stating, “Tuggitt seems like the first dog harness with thought behind it.”

Tuggitt makes dog care and companionship easier for owners by ensuring everything needed is in one lightweight neoprene harness. The star feature of Tuggitt is its 6-foot, built-in unique retractable leash with quick release. The retractable leash doubles as a safety handle when retracted within the harness to assist owners or other helpers in rescue situations or in the rare event of a pet emergency. 

When asked what the difference was between a typical retractable leash and Tuggitt, Rodriguez stated, “We definitely understand the concerns with typical retractable leashes which is why Tuggitt was designed with your dog’s safety and comfort as our top priority! Tuggitt’s retractable leash has a controllable length of 6 FT. compared to the traditional 20-30 FT from a standard leash. With this length, you can better control the dog when they start to get closer to hazardous areas or roads with heavy traffic. Tuggitt’s unique retractable leash also immediately stops when it is retracted to its full capacity at 6 FT. There are no braking mechanisms which can cause more problems as they tend to lead to complications with repeated use of the device. Tuggitt’s leash also acts like a rescue handle. When out and about with your dog, we wanted to ensure you are keeping you, your pup, and those around you free from harm and unnecessary injuries.”

Rodriguez goes on to say, “After a great round of testing the best features we could imagine and making sure every inch of Tuggitt will be perfect for both dogs and owners, we’re proud to say that day is here. Visit our Kickstarter to reserve yours now, before we launch, and your dog will be one of the first to get his or her Tuggitt.”

The company intends to ship prelaunch Kickstarter orders to pets and their owners beginning in December 2017. 

About Tuggitt

Tuggitt is a pet accessory company founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 2017 by inventor Alexzany Rodriguez. The original Tuggitt is an all-in-one pet harness. Featuring a unique retratable leash comfortable, padded neoprene safety material, a seat-belt locking ring, water-resistant pocket and reflective logo, Tuggitt makes walks easy and fun for pets and owners by ensuring everything you need is in one place.

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