Preference for Asian Women Should Not be Labelled “Yellow Fever”

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Is it right to “diagnose” men who prefer Asians with “Yellow Fever”? Would you say a man who preferred blonds had a blond fetish?

According to statistics of Facebook dating apps, 2.4 million male users suffer from Yellow Fever (not the viral disease spread by female mosquitos). These western men frequently chat up, hit on or date Asian women, because of their “sexual preference” (or, in severe cases, “fetish”) towards yellow-skinned females. But is it right to go with the crowd and “diagnose” men who prefer Asians with the label “Yellow Fever”? Is it really so abnormal? Would you say a man who preferred blonds had a blond fetish? Probably not.

Lory Wong, a Chinese woman residing in the UK, explains how her white ex-boyfriend used to be accused of having an “Asian Fetish” because almost all the women he dated were Asian, he was obsessed with Asian culture and always ask her questions about her lifestyle in China. Put it this way, if the person you were dating was of the same race, would you not want to find out more about that person or her background, or show interest in her? Yes you would. So how is this different? It’s not.

“The Asian fetish is a social construct which is portrayed as a perverse obsession when in reality, it [is just a] preference,” Wong states. She believes it is merely an interest in another culture, not an obsession or fetish. So why is it that only when men are attracted to Asian women do they get the “fetish” label? Harvard researcher Mahzarin Banaji’s research on implicit associations indicates that unattractive white males who cannot find beautiful white women look for Asians as substitutes, often for their physical needs. Mainly because of the objectification (and devaluation that occurs as a result) of Asian women, we get the name “Asian Fetish”.

But if you really are interested in Asian women, you don’t need to be ashamed. Some prefer blonds, some prefer brunettes, and others prefer Asians. These are all merely preferences or tastes different people have. You mustn’t let “labels” stop you from finding true love.

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