Polyphenol Factory Introduces Grabity™: A Revolutionary Hair Care Brand Launching on Kickstarter

Polyphenol Factory is excited to announce the official launch of its groundbreaking hair care brand, Grabity™, set to debut on February 20th, via the global crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. Developed from the pioneering research of Professor Haeshin Lee from KAIST, an esteemed MIT-educated scholar, Grabity™ emerges as a symbol of innovation in functional hair care. Professor Lee’s research, recognized among the top 1% globally, highlights the scientific rigor and excellence driving this brand.

Innovative Fusion of Science and Beauty

Grabity™ embodies the essence of gravity, grab, and beauty, promising to elevate and transform hair care routines. With its debut, Grabity™ unveils a comprehensive range of products, including two Hair Lifting Shampoos, a Conditioner, and a Styling Mist, meticulously formulated to address the needs of those combating hair loss, thinning, or possessing fine, weak hair.

At the core of Grabity™ lies LiftMax308™, a patented, polyphenol-rich formula engineered to strengthen hair by creating a protective layer over damaged cuticles. This revolutionary ingredient guarantees an immediate 140% increase in hair volume, with effects lasting up to 48 hours. Endorsed by clinical trials, Grabity™ distinguishes itself not only for its effectiveness but also for its commitment to safety and environmental sustainability. The brand has earned the highest ‘Excellent’ grade from Dermatest in Germany and has been praised by Intertek, a global clinical organization.

Eco-conscious Packaging

In line with its environmental commitment, Grabity™ employs eco-friendly packaging crafted from coconut shells, significantly reducing plastic usage and reinforcing the brand’s dedication to sustainability.

A Message from the Creator

Professor Haeshin Lee, the visionary behind Grabity™, remarked, “Our aim was to address the functional needs of individuals with hair concerns by infusing their locks with healthy strength. With LiftMax 308, we’re not just enhancing hair volume; we’re offering a solution that enables users to experience professional-grade hair care at home. This is especially beneficial for our North American customers with fine or blonde hair.”

Market Introduction and Future Plans

To introduce Grabity™ to the global market, Polyphenol Factory will exclusively pre-launch the ‘Grabity Hair Lifting Shampoo_Extra Strong’ via Kickstarter, presenting it to international consumers from February 20th to March 26th. Following this initial phase, the company aims to expand distribution across major online and offline channels, including the official global brand mall and Amazon, making these revolutionary products accessible to a wider audience.

Researchers who developed Gravity Shampoo: from left, Researcher Eunwoo Kim, Professor Haeshin Lee, Researcher Helen Ju, and Researcher Hanyeol Yang

About Polyphenol Factory

Polyphenol Factory leads the way in hair care innovation, blending scientific research with sustainable practices to create products that enhance hair’s natural beauty responsibly. With the launch of Grabity™, the company ushers in a new era in functional hair care, promising unparalleled performance and environmental stewardship.

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