Plaay-Tech Announces Launch of Plaay Q29 Black-Tech, the Truly Wireless Headphone

“Plaay Q29 – True Wireless Headphone”
Plaay Tech introduces Plaay, Q29 – True Wireless Headphone; a high-tech device powered by TWS technology.

Plaay Tech, one of the leading companies known for their high-end products, has announced the introduction of Plaay, the headphone that’s wireless in the truest sense. The wonderful wireless Black-Tech comes with TWS Bluetooth earphones. It is intuitive cord-free, supports both mono and stereo sound quality and comes with a chargeable case.

“We are proud to present to music lovers, this amazing headphone that’s clearly the final word in sound quality and technology, says the spokesperson for the company. “Plaay provides real freedom from cords and wires and also delivers the best quality sound possible by making use of path-breaking technology. It can introduce a high level of convenience into your life as you keep listening to best quality music all day long.”

The device has a mini chargeable case that’s fully portable and can be charged outdoors effortlessly. The case is designed to deliver an additional 12 hours of playback to single EarBud. The unified mini case of the device is easy to store and charge. The intuitive cord tree EarBuds sets users free with the wireless feature. The EarBuds are connected through transmission chips and make use of the TWS technology to create dynamic stereo music that makes listening pure pleasure as there are absolutely no restrictions in the form of wires and cords.

Those who love to listen to music while driving can enjoy the best hand-free drive experience, thanks to the revolutionary technology and design of the wireless headphone. The EarBud can be used separately to make it convenient and safe. The device also offers a more immersive experience when used in the stereo mode. This facility is however not available for calling.

Plaay is the compact music device that music lovers always wanted. It can be used for playing music in the office or a game in the classroom as it is discreet and hard to be aware. The tiny EarBuds are lightweight, stealth and real small. The weight of a single EarBud is just 5.3 grams as it had been made using special and select micro-components. The mini body of the device makes it invisible to others.

Plaay has been created after extensive research of over 2,000 human ears. The data thus collected and collated has helped the manufacturers in designing the perfect angle for the EarBud tilt nozzle. The device has three pairs of EarTips to deliver a highly comfortable wearing experience. The EarTips is skin friendly and available in three sizes to fit different ears. The unique design of the device prevents dropping as they fit deep in the ear canal.

About Plaay Tech:

Plaay Tech is the creator of the unique and revolutionary Plaay, the true wireless headphone. The wireless Black-Tech is powered by TWS technology and comes with a series of features such as mono and stereo supports, chargeable case, extra power bank and more. Plaay is lightweight, stealth and smaller making it the most discreet device available in this domain.

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