Pioneering Art with Ordinals Protocol Heads to Sotheby’s Auction

Artist Kevin Ferreira (XCPINATA)

Cleansing & The Birth Of Lil’ T

The Artist’s First-Ever High Profile Auction of Ordinals Art, Sotheby’s Natively Digital Ordinals Sale: Bidding Open 12-22 JANUARY 2024

Cleansing, executed 2010, inscribed 2023

The Birth of Lil’ t, executed 2010, inscribed 2023

Wallet address: bc1p8wg67rsnp20v9522hulvtrwfw7wa0hmyqk6pe8lgztumrrfk079sdyd9e6

Inscription IDs: 061ceca6b056c5ecdd798b7e31845d1aee8e77fd53b072de66aa20ff8413565ai0, a1c75d1256d5faa47809cc9a821556cd848c2d81279cc61970d722207862351ai0

Artist Kevin Ferreira Sets the Stage for Historic Auction at Sotheby’s with Digital Masterpieces, “Cleansing” and “The Birth of Lil’ T”

Innovative Integration of Blockchain and Art in Pioneering work with Ordinals Protocol Redefine the Essence of Digital Originals

Artist Kevin Ferreira, recognized as XCPinata in the Contemporary Blockchain Art Movement, is poised to make history as his latest masterpieces, “Cleansing” and “The Birth of Lil’ T,” prepare to go under the hammer at Sotheby’s Auction House. These groundbreaking works, from a collection which has already achieved multimillion-dollars of sales within a year, marry innovative foresight with artistic brilliance as one of the first art collections ever inscribed. Over 50 million Ordinal inscriptions now exist offering an unparalleled investment opportunity of early inscriptions for collectors with a keen interest in the historical evolution of contemporary digital art.

The Tech Behind the Art: Forging the Future of Digital Originals

Ferreira’s journey began with a passion for animation and characters, evolving into a profound exploration of unique prints in 2010 that he called “digital originals.” Then, in 2014, becoming a trailblazer in the integration of blockchain technology combined with art, Ferreira has seamlessly united ownership and object in a human-made digital world. His visionary approaches experimented with true ownership and authenticity, appealing to collectors with a deep appreciation for provenance.

The Ordinals Story: Bridging Art and Blockchain

During Ferreira’s showcase at the Bitcoin Renaissance Gallery, a serendipitous encounter with Casey Rodarmor, Creator of the Ordinals Protocol, marked a pivotal moment. The use of Ordinals addresses the challenge of achieving 100% on-chain embedding, making Ferreira one of its earliest advocates. This strategic move enhances the exclusivity and pioneering nature of his artworks within the blockchain art ecosystem.

The Art Inscribed: “Cleansing” and Beyond

“Cleansing,” unveiled in 2010 at the SpektrumMEK exhibition, stands as Ferreira’s magnum opus in the Chaos Vs Order exploration. Crafted through ‘Pataphysics, it explores imaginary solutions, embodying the transformative power of love in the collision of chaos and order. The extended creation period and meticulous craftsmanship make “Cleansing” a contemporary masterpiece, resonating with collectors who value the historical context and evolution of digital art.

“The Birth of Lil’ T,” a subsequent creation, serves as the culmination of Ferreira’s exploration within the SpektrumMEK exhibit works. This iconic artwork introduces Lil’ T, a little white dinosaur symbolizing thought, time, and tyranny. Lil’ T’s unique ability to transform into anything adds an imaginative layer, appealing to collectors seeking distinctive and customizable digital art with a historical contemporary resonance.

Auction at Sotheby’s: A Historic Event

Sotheby’s Auction House will host the highly anticipated auction of “Cleansing” and “The Birth of Lil’ T,” showcasing Ferreira’s masterpieces to a discerning global audience. The event is a rare opportunity for art enthusiasts and collectors to acquire these digital originals that have already begun to make waves in the art world.

Record-Breaking Sales in Less Than a Year

In a testament to the unparalleled allure of Kevin Ferreira’s art, his collections have swiftly commanded multimillion-dollars of sales, capturing the attention of astute investors. A wave of enthusiasm, led by esteemed Venture Capitalists and notably spearheaded by the visionary Unbroken Chain Fund, is already underway, securing Ferreira’s works for long-term investments. This resounding support from discerning investors, particularly those with a keen eye on long-term value, solidifies the position of these artworks not merely as creations of artistic brilliance but as strategic and sought-after additions to distinguished portfolios.

This extraordinary feat underscores the exceptional demand for Ferreira’s digital masterpieces. “Cleansing” and “The Birth of Lil’ T” are poised to redefine the landscape of historical contemporary digital art collecting at Sotheby’s Auction House as one of the first Ordinals available to their collectors. Offering a fusion of artistic brilliance and technological innovation, these works are set to captivate collectors seeking the essence and evolution of digital originals, marking a cultural shift in the perception and acquisition of groundbreaking contemporary art.


Bidding Open 12th-22nd JANUARY 2024


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