Pingel Design Group Introduces Smart Surround

Surround in style

OHIO – Do you need an Industrial fencing, Dumpster/compactor enclosures, Enclosures for sound reduction, and Generator enclosures? Look no further, Pingel Design Group introduces Smart Surround. A Compactor and dumpster recycling enclosure system which is ecofriendly/ cost effective and fast build.

SmartSurround LLC manufactures stylish industrial enclosures; whether small or large, all units are steel constructed with modular components providing hundreds of variations to meet your particular requirements. Specialized powder-coating covers all steel in the SmartSurround components, this ultra-durable coating gives longer product life and allows for 100% recycling. Select from a range of standard colors, or customize your enclosure with the color of your choice. The SmartSurround is shipped as a kit with all hardware included (nuts, bolts, fasteners and even concrete retainers). The easy-to-follow instructions make the installation job easy, even for a novice. All SmartSurround products meet and/or exceed Dade County Florida Hurricane 5 ratings. Our system provides a custom look and fit, at a affordable pricing.

The SmartSurround design system integrates toughness and aesthetics with green manufacturing.  

SmartSurround are made in the USA in Columbus, Ohio. All ordered direct from the factory. Each is made to fit the size and shape the buyer needs from protecting a swimming pool to hiding something as large as a recycling yard. Make a custom request and you will be glad you did.

About Pingel Design Group (PDG)

The Pingel Design Group is a creative and development group aimed at designing at an   industrial scale. (PDG) was put together by Nathan Pingel in 1992. Although this is rarely thought of but Pingel has the privilege of knowing about different cultures. This is also reflected in his product line. He scanned through various cultures, studying them and looking for the best process to produce products has special features; eco-balanced, increased speed of production, lowered cost, and produced a superior product.

Along the journey to perfection, Pingel studied Henry Ford mass manufacturer who among several stunning creations used recycling packaging materials in his cars. Pingel has successfully adapted Ford’s concept of “an expert at your fingertips”; and this has helped him perfectly. It has made the Pingel Design Group a 21st century think tank. The Pingel Group has the best professionals in their various field of expertise. With this principle, the Pingel Design Group can provide any innovative turnkey solution for their esteemed clients.

One of his findings was Henry Ford the renowned mass manufacturer who among many other creations; used recycled packaging materials in his cars, developed a soybean based plastic and increased wages for his employees before unions… just to name a few. 

A reporter once asked Henry Ford how he expected to succeed in pioneering the American auto industry since he was not an expert in engineering, manufacturing, metal processing or marketing. “I don’t have to be,” Ford reportedly replied, revealing a panel of buttons on his desk. “At the other end of every one of these buttons is an expert in each of those areas.”

The design PDG uses is adapted from the Bauhaus concept of design. The followers of Bauhaus believe that craftsmen developing high quality, well-designed prototypes suitable for mass production, would improve economic conditions and thereby improve society. This is paramount in what the Pingel Group believes.

PDG specializes in the following areas of design: retail and industrial product design, recycling processes, industrial equipment, product prototype, manufacturing equipment, process and system, packaging/point of purchase, sales/marketing, graphics, social media, project planning, business plans and finance.

Media Contact
Company Name: Pingel Design Group
Contact Person: Nate Pingel
Phone: +1 (614) 449-8963
Address:426 E. Whittier St.
City: Columbus
State: Ohio 43206
Country: United States