Pictures Tell The Truth Words Cannot

Libby loves to hop in her car and head out into the world on random days. On those days, she hopes for a magnificent photograph—a fleeting opportunity to catch an elk calf or other wildlife in its natural environment.  But, some days, she doesn’t have to go very far to get a shot that captures the beauty of a dahlia in a stranger’s garden.

No matter where the road takes her, it seems there is always something lovely to photograph. Libby is forever in awe of the beauty that is waiting for her at every bend of the road. She stops wherever she finds an ideal shot, sets up her tripod and camera, and captures the moment creating a lasting memory.

Libby finds the most excellent satisfaction in documenting the wonders of nature. She gets her inspiration for her poetry—poems produced from the images her camera has captured.

Her love of photography  has allowed her the ability and the chance to capture life behind the lens.  With this book, she hopes to reach a wider audience and share the images that she has captured, along with her poetry that she has accumulated over the years.

Libby intended to write a book to share her love of poetry and photography with others, but life had other ideas. Libby was persistent in checking off her bucket list before life chose her future in 2016 when she was given the news that she had breast cancer. She decided to fulfill one of her passions, i.e., to publish her book.

Libby’s book contains  a selection  of  life experiences rather than just being centered on images or poetry alone.  Her poems express genuine feelings, and the still photographs speak much more than words.  In her words “there is always something to remember and always an image to capture”. 

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