Pickens Construction Shares With Clients Ways to Extend The Life Of Asphalt Parking Lots

Pickens Construction Shares With Clients Ways to Extend The Life Of Asphalt Parking Lots
Pickens Construction has highlighted several benefits of maintaining a clean parking lot on its website. The company claims that cleanliness enhances the curb appeal of any commercial building, prolongs the lifespan of the asphalt parking lot, and minimizes environmental pollution among other benefits.

ANDERSON, South Carolina – Pickens Construction has explained why asphalt parking lots require regular and proper cleaning. According to a blog post on the company’s website, the regular and proper cleaning of an asphalt parking lot extends its lifespan, enhances its beauty, discourages littering, prevents environmental pollution, and keeps pests and rodents away.

Pickens Construction has advised all its clients in South Carolina and Georgia to maintain clean parking lots in order to enjoy a host of benefits. In a recently published article in the company’s blog, Pickens Construction recommends a dynamic cleaning schedule that adjusts to weather and seasonal changes. According to the company, the main purpose of this dynamic cleaning schedule is to ensure that the asphalt parking lot is always clean. The cleaning process should involve the removal of all leaves, dirt, oil & grease spills, and other debris for the asphalt parking lot to maintain a spotlessly clean surface. Depending on the weather, the cleanup process can involve sweeping, hosing, and stain removal, or a combination of all of these cleaning activities.

According to Pickens Construction, the main benefit of maintaining a sealed and clean asphalt parking lot is aesthetic and business appeal. Picken’s seal coating services in Anderson, SC, whether for newly installed parking lots, or existing ones, is the first step to maintaining cleanliness. A clean parking lot creates a good first impression on visiting clients, thereby enhancing business success.

The other reason why asphalt parking lots should be cleaned regularly and properly is to prolong or extend their lifespan. If the leaves and other debris are not removed on time, they can hinder drainage on the asphalt surface and cause physical and chemical damage to the parking lot. Another reason for maintaining a clean asphalt parking lot, according to Pickens Construction, is to prevent environmental pollution. The company recommends a healthy eco-friendly cleaning routine that prevents the flow of chemicals and other pollutants to local waterways and sewers. Pickens Construction also notes that a clean parking lot deters littering and it also keeps off pests and rodents.

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