Pick-by-Vision and Lean Manufacturing Aligned According to Industrial Journalist TR Cutler

Pick-by-Vision and Lean Manufacturing Aligned According to Industrial Journalist TR Cutler

Industrial journalist, TR Cutler reported in the recent issue of Industry Today magazine how pick-by-vision systems support Lean Manufacturing initiatives. Reducing human error in production and assembly defines error-proofing. Read the article here

Cutler noted that pick-by-vision devices visually guide operators to pick the correct parts, in the right quantities, and proper sequence. This reduces errors and defects while increasing productivity by eliminating a common source of wasted time like checking and re-checking instructions. Using pick-by-vision at multi-product assembly stations lessens the number of inaccuracies, speeds up build-time, and makes training simple. Accuracy is critical to ensure a high-quality final product. 

Pick-by-vision glasses guide the worker to the correct bin for verification. Only when verified as an accurate pick can the worker move on. Vision picking is easy to integrate in any warehouse because it establishes a lean solution that is connected directly with the existing ERP or WMS, without the need for middleware, a dedicated server or hosting. 

The pre-assembled communication modules create an interface between the head-mounted display and the software environment. Using this software environment allow warehouse and distribution center managers to request pick lists that have been created to suit the process and optimize routes. Importantly vision picking provides feedback on the processing status. Depending on the system architecture, the bidirectional communication runs via web services such as SOAP or REST, FTP batches or XML. 

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