Pets Techy Announces Grand Store Opening to Meet the Demands of High-Quality and Technologically Advanced Pet Products

The company is bringing the future of pet care to the doorstep of today’s tech-savvy pet parents

Technology has been integral in improving existing systems across different sectors and making them more effective and efficient. One of the sectors that technology has enhanced is the pet industry, characterized by the launch of gadgets and invention that enriches the experience and day-to-day living of pets. Pets Techy is on a mission to utilize technology to create a better life for pets and their owners while fostering their unique relationship.

Pets Techy is pleased to announce the grand opening of its digital store. Pets Techy is the meeting point of pet care and technology, offering a level of sophistication and convenience that’s unparalleled in the pet industry. The leading online retailer established in 2023 by Annette Hoffstatter, specializes in the distribution of high-tech pet products, leveraging the power of technology to deliver smart and innovative solutions designed to enrich the lives of pets and their owners.

Speaking on the store’s launch, Hoffstatter had this to say, “At, we’re merging the love for pets with the power of technology. We’re excited to offer products that simplify pet care, maximize fun, and ensure our furry friends’ health and safety. We’re not just a pet supply store; we’re a gateway to the future of pet care. Our commitment is to bring innovative, high-tech solutions to pet parents worldwide, making pet ownership more rewarding than ever.”

Pets Techy’s range of devices is carefully designed and curated to ensure optimum convenience, entertainment, and health benefits for pets and their owners. Some of the cutting-edge technology available on the Pets Techy digital aisles include:

  • Smart dog toys
  • Interactive cat toys
  • Smart pet feeders
  • GPS pet trackers
  • Health monitoring devices for pets
  • Pet tech accessories
  • Advanced pet care products
  • Digital pet care
  • Smart collars for dogs
  • Smart litter boxes
  • AI pet toys
  • Pet fitness trackers

Furthermore, Pets Techy goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction as it conducts a rigorous vetting process for product selection where every item in its lineup is thoroughly tested for safety, reliability, and effectiveness.

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About Pets Techy

Pets Techy was founded by Annette Hoffstatter, a passionate animal lover and tech enthusiast. With a background in technology and a deep love for pets, Annette realized that the pet care market lacked smart, high-tech solutions that could simplify pet care and enrich the lives of pets and their owners. She spent years researching the pet care market, understanding pet owners’ needs, and identifying the potential for incorporating technology into everyday pet care, going on to establish Pets Techy to fill this gap.

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