O\’PET FEEDER: The Ultimate Pet Feeding Solution launches Indiegogo Campaign!

The Ages Long Problem of Feeding the Pets has been solved by this Automated Pet Feeding Device!

Ó’PET FEEDER is an all new remarkable Pet Feeding Device that will put millions of pet owners from around the world at ease. The patented solution feeds the pet automatically with pet food and water while the owner of that pet is away on a business or pleasure trip. For all those who don’t want to ask their neighbors or friends to take the trouble of feeding their pet while they are away, this device is going to be a great problem solver in Pet Feeding.

The Ó’PET FEEDER machine has several great features and it not only helps the Pet Owners in feeding their pets remotely but it also is a great way to establish remote communication between the owners and their beloved pets. In addition, it is operated by a smartphone app and is connected via Wi-Fi. Not only can the owners see their pets in the screen of their smartphones but the pets can also see their owners through a display on the Ó’PET FEEDER.

The creators of this amazing invention are now seeking generous community support from the pet lovers and owners from around the world. The inspiring technology, stylish look, multipurpose usage and high levels of safety make this machine a great use for the pet owners of the 21st century.  Moreover, it is offered in four different colors and the supporters on Indiegogo will get it anywhere in the world.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at:

www.indiegogo.com/projects/o-pet-feeder-one-of-a-kind-mutual-com-pet-feeder-cats-dogs and it offers several great pledges with amazing perks and rewards. From $5 to $3600, supporters can back this project and claim their rewards including this machine with worldwide.


Ó’PET FEEDER is a revolutionary automated pet feeding solution that has been invented for the ease of millions of pet owners from around the world. For all those who are away at work, business trip or personal vacation while their pet is at home, this solution will help them feed their pet with food and water during their absence. The creators are now seeking generous community support for Ó’PET FEEDER on Indiegogo and they are offering this great pet feeding device as a reward for the pledges.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ó’PET
Contact Person: Relic Lai
Email: relic.lai@gmail.com
Phone: +886928153588
City: Taipei City
Country: Taiwan
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/o-pet-feeder-one-of-a-kind-mutual-com-pet-feeder-cats-dogs