Personal Trainer and Business Mentor Trey Breslin Is an Inspiration to Thousands in the Physical Training Community

He’s a leader and fighter that never quits and a mentor that pushes people to achieve their best

Trey Breslin, the young and energetic CEO of STAYFLEXIN AESTHETICS, is a name that rings a bell in the physical training circle in Los Angeles.  

He started early in life, creating a positive impact in society by becoming a business owner at the age of 19, running his own perusal personal training in 2013. Before that, he was the youngest master trainer ever in La fitness history 2012. 

Since starting his career, Trey has worked with more than 5,000 people as a coach, personal trainer, fitness instructor, and entrepreneur. His reputation and achievements get recognition from top celebrities and personalities in society. That is why fitness icons like Jeff Logan, Buff bunny, Mike Rashid, and Corey Calliet honored him by participating in video workout collars with him. He also modeled for alphalete Athletics.  

Trey is an inspiration to hundreds of personal training influencers and celebrities who’re doing very well today. Apart from providing them with instructions and training on becoming a personal trainer, he also taught them how to set up their own business and succeed. He also teaches his students to improve their lifestyle by displaying exceptional creativity and imagination.  

There are thousands of testimonies where people have testified how much they have learned from him to improve their personal life and business. Trey is one of the few people out there who’s so passionate about helping others and seeing them grow.  

Many people have the potentials and ability to become great and achieve exponential growth and amazing things in life. The only challenge to their success is a lack of motivation. Every single person who came across Trey Breslin has been blessed by his personality and unrelenting effort to ensure they discover hidden talents and become a better version of themselves.  

One of the tools Trey has mastered over the years in growing his business is social media. He teaches his students how to make use of the power of social media to grow their careers, personal life, and business. He believes in the power of positive affirmation and determination to succeed. That’s why he ensures that all his students understand this life principle to use the lessons to achieve ultimate prosperity and happiness.  

For more information, please visit and follow him on Instagram @trey_stayflexin 

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