“Path of Heroes” Shows A Great Potential To Be The Next Big Series

In the world of fantasy fiction, there often comes a series, a franchise, or a phenomenon that changes the paradigm and the scope of writing and reading. It was a long time coming for us to see a series that has the potential to be more than a franchise. All until author K.I Price dazzled audiences with her latest book, Chosen: The Path of Heroes

The book revolves around Tauzuri Jones, a kid who has been burdened with the pressures of society and their expectations from a mere thirteen-year-old. He struggles to find a place in the world, feeling that he is not simply good enough. This message resonated with most readers on a deeper level, for people, in some way or another, are in a constant battle to find their own place in society. 

The story gives audiences a ray of hope when Zuri finds out that he is much more than what he gives himself credit for. 

For he is chosen, harboring powers in him beyond his wildest dreams. Zuri is then entrusted to be amongst others like him to go up against The Overlord, a universal threat that alarms the land of Kambia.

The series kicks off with a big win as the first installment is being very well received among audiences. 

As for K.I. Price, the world is curious to see what she does next. Until then, Chosen is available on Amazon.

About the Author 

Her story begins in Saint Louis, Missouri, where little Price, an intuitive, smart, and curious child, explored her knack for writing. She would often jot down her thoughts on paper and notice how empowering it felt before writing became her primary form of expression. Around the age of thirteen, she delved into table-top roleplaying as well as online literary roleplaying, where she collaborated with others to create epic stories, embarking on adventures and making like-minded friends. After a couple of years of role-playing on online forums, Price began her endeavors toward what we now know as the exciting fantasy fiction book, Chosen: The Path of Heroes.

In 2009, K.I. Price joined the United States Navy and honorably served six years of active duty. She met her husband in Sasebo, Japan, and they married in 2013. Besides writing, Price also loves traveling with her family, enjoying the beautiful views of mountains, cooking, and playing video games. She is currently working on the next installment of the Chosen series.

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