Pandemic Reflections Turn into Routine-Busting Mindfulness Teachings in Alphie Russo’s ‘A Letter To The Universe… A Journey for Us All’

Pandemic Reflections Turn into Routine-Busting Mindfulness Teachings in Alphie Russo’s ‘A Letter To The Universe… A Journey for Us All’

The pandemic has brought out many universal truths that until now had been neglected or not cared about enough. The period has seen some go through intense soul searching. Alphie Russo until recently was a typical insurance industry professional, a millennial at that. The pandemic brought with it what she calls a ‘whole download from the Universe’, and the outcome is her newly penned book, “A LETTER TO THE UNIVERSE… A journey for us all”. The book is available from Bilboa Press.

“I was a zombie going through the normal routine, we call life: work, kids, school, sports… I was stuck in that repetitive mode for all those years; like most of us are,” says Alphie.

‘A LETTER TO THE UNIVERSE’ is set in a situation that everyone has experienced or are going through – working hard, and yet not achieving the goals and objectives set at the start. The more people chase their dreams, the further they shift. Alphie lived the ‘normal’ life for 30 years, until the pandemic changed it all like an unexpected storm.

Alphie’s book is a first-hand account of using mindfulness and patience in everyday life. She describes the wellness journey, shares the teachings she learnt from her favorite teachers, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay, and also includes her personal jotting and insight that occurred to her while writing the book.

“I know you picked up this book because it will resonate with you too! It is so easy for us to get lost in the daily grind but if you want to wake up and take your life back, find your true-life purpose, this work will help spark your inner guide to rise again!” says Alphie.

It is clear that ‘A LETTER TO THE UNIVERSE’ is no usual self-help guide. Firstly there are no judgments made. The author also confesses that she too is on a learning curve. The book itself is not the end, but the first in a series that will capture all the good and bad moments that are in store during the journey. 

“Honestly I couldn’t put it down once I started. I resonated so much with Alphie on her journey even though our paths are different. A must read. Thank you Alphie for writing such an amazing book! Don’t stop writing,” said a recent reader.

Alphie Russo holds a degree in Business Management earned in night school, and is a Director of Insurance Claims. She is mother to three beautiful children, a loving, supportive husband (Sam) and two adorable dogs (Nala & Sunny). Alphie believes everyone can find happiness, patience and mindfulness.

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