Own a Piece of the New Internet with RevoFi’s Hotspot Devices

Own a Piece of the New Internet with RevoFi’s Hotspot Devices
The new RevoFi Hotspot devices will allow users to decentralize their internet usage and earn money back by sharing internet access with others.

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – RevoFi, the decentralized wireless infrastructure platform, announced today their RevoFi Hotspot Devices, which allows users to connect millions of devices to WiFi through RevoFi’s high-speed, private network. But not any WiFi – RevoFi utilizes a Wi-Fi 6 mesh router, which takes wireless speeds to the next level. Wi-Fi 6 mesh systems allow delivery of full gigabit speeds easily throughout a large house or company.

Founder and CEO Justin Caswell said the RevoFi mission – to empower consumers to become their own service provider – is at the heart of this new release. By decentralizing wireless infrastructure, users will be able to share their networks with others, earn money for doing so, and move away from big cloud companies.

“Each Hotspot unit generates revenue for users by providing WiFi 6 mesh coverage to millions of devices around it,” Caswell said. “This is how we want to use the internet going forward. It’s a decentralized approach that empowers the consumer.”

Historically, deploying wireless and cloud infrastructures has had a high barrier to entry due to cost. These costs are due to monolithic business models that require assets to deploy physical hardware, said Caswell.

“However, RevoFi is able to sit at the intersection of software, cloud native microservices, networking, and blockchain,” he added. “This enables users to increase their earning potential through shared economics.”

Since RevoFi devices are mesh-enabled, multiple devices can be used together to form a larger coverage area for the WiFi6 mesh network. This can be done within a single home or across an entire city, Caswell said.

The owner of the device(s) can choose to allow public access to the WiFi6 network of their device(s), and are incentivized to do so by being able to earn Revos (RVS) cryptocurrency by building wireless coverage, a network, or a micro services edge platform, Caswell said. Anyone with a RevoFi Hotspot unit can join the network.

“We want to encourage people who purchase the RevoFi Hotspot Devices to share their resources, which is why we’ve included the RVS incentive,” Caswell said. “The more people share their WiFi and wireless resources, the closer we will be to decentralizing internet access altogether.”

About Justin Caswell 

Justin Caswell is the founder and CEO of RevoFi and an advocate for a decentralized wireless infrastructure platform owned and powered by the people. RevoFi’s Hotspot Devices ensure that anyone can begin building their own network by providing network coverage and sharing resources.

Learn more athttps://revofi.com/

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